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  • little has changed when you look at how much of the roster and coaching staff came back.

  • The Chiefs returned 79% of snaps, third most NFL, along with their entire coaching staff.

  • That includes their leading passer, Russia top five and receiving top seven tackles, top two in sacks and every player that had an interception in the 2019 season coming back.

  • And that's one reason why one big reason why they're back to try to repeat and sage, it is so difficult to repeat, is a Super Bowl champion.

  • Let's bring in hours Jeff, Saturday and Saturday.

  • Look, say, just pointed out, these teams look very similar, but it wouldn't be fair to characterize this year's team the same as last year's team.

  • So what is the biggest difference between this year's Chiefs and last year's Chiefs?

  • Two things that I think they're better balanced, and I think they're battle tested right.

  • I think both of those things are actually improvements from last year.

  • As scary as that sounds like when you talk about what they've accomplished really in games that Patrick Mahomes has started their 15 and one since winning the Super Bowl, that that is easy to do.

  • You know, the the Vegas loss was there, only true.

  • Lost, right?

  • They didn't play anybody a week.

  • 17.

  • So when you're looking at this football team, they have continually gotten better and they get the best shot from everybody.

  • It makes no difference what week you're playing.

  • When you have a chance to beat up on the Chiefs.

  • Everybody takes their best shot.

  • They have taken it, responded to it, and then you flip it over.

  • Everybody talks about their offense, but this defense with Tyrone Matthew in the back side of this defense, they're a good group who can ball hawk it, make plays.

  • That makes it even tougher to get an advantage on this Chiefs team.

  • Very, very good football team, obviously playing the Super Bowl.

  • But, man, I think they're even better than last year, and they're one of those teams to that.

  • We've I did is that next dynasty in the NFL, just because how they've been building and what they've been doing.

  • But even good teams have a weakness.

  • What is Kansas City's?

  • It's their offensive line and listen, we just did the tape with the detail with Peyton Manning We talked about Fisher, who was their left tackle.

  • He was out leading one of those reverses, and he's tours Achilles last week, right?

  • So he's out.

  • But Mitchell Schwartz there, right tackle.

  • He was lost earlier this season to a back.

  • Rivers is gonna move over.

  • But ultimately, this offensive line is gonna have to protect Patrick Mahomes.

  • If you think about teams who have given the Chiefs the most difficulty, they play zone behind it and keep Mahomes in the pocket.

  • And they get home with either a four man rush or a three man rush.

  • And they make him wait.

  • Uh, Pierre Paul And there have done fantastic jobs, not only of sacking the quarterback, but of getting pressure.

  • I think they had 21 pressures in three playoff games, so it's not always about getting sex.

  • It's about making that quarterback uncomfortable and messing with his timing.

  • I think Todd Bowles will have a good plan for Tyreek Hill, making sure he's doubled or giving him a bunch of different looks and making sure they keep everything in front and make the Chiefs earn it little by little down the field limit.

  • Big plays you mentioned Jpp and check.

  • Barrett combined for five sacks against Aaron Rodgers in the NFC championship game and Saturday.

  • I'm glad you pointed it out.

  • Don't know that it's being talked about enough.

  • Missing your two tackles.

  • Coming in the Super Bowl is gonna be a storyline.

  • Toe watch come Sunday, Jeff Saturday.

  • Thank you.

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little has changed when you look at how much of the roster and coaching staff came back.

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Are the Chiefs a better team than last season? Jeff Saturday breaks it down | SportsCenter

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