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  • work hard, Play hard, work hard, play hard How Come my way.

  • In days of yore, there were two warriors I killed for a spicy tuna roll.

  • Right about now, get yourself a little something.

  • The brothers grew apart and a new age began in the middle age.

  • Dad!

  • Uncle Ted Coming for Christmas this year, sweetie.

  • Sometimes you just grow apart.

  • Thousands, all of my ring player.

  • Go watch.

  • Go, chain player.

  • Welcome to building that.

  • I own it, Uncle Teddy, I missed you so much.

  • That's my girl.

  • You can't solve everything with money, but you can't.

  • You haven't changed it all.

  • Still a big baby socket.

  • Ted, you suck.

  • Get that Cassie out of my face.

  • Excuse me.

  • I hate to interrupt.

  • I mean, it's a riveting conversation, but why don't you move?

  • Suck it.

  • Oh, she can talk a lot.

  • I'm in the Pickwick business, and now you work for me.

  • Boomers?

  • Nothing.

  • Baby Corp developed a new formula that can turn a grown up back into a baby for 48 hours.

  • You want me to be a baby again?

  • Oh, you okay?

  • Yep.

  • There's the awkward stage, baby Corporal.

  • Offer a full memory.

  • White following this experience.

  • So what's the crisis and evil geniuses teaching kids to be very bad?

  • Bad babies?

  • Welcome to the baby revolution.

  • We're gonna need to disguise to go undercover.

  • What have you got, Thio?

  • Really going ceiling?

  • No, no, e.

  • Thanks for always having my back.

  • Your my brother.

  • We always stick together because that's what families dio need.

  • Hurry before the formula wears off.

  • What are you, a cutie in that little karate outfit?

  • I thought this isn't something money can't solve.

  • What the fuck with?

work hard, Play hard, work hard, play hard How Come my way.

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