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  • Well, let's move on, guys, because we want to talk.

  • Zion Williamson also dominating in the paint.

  • In fact, he's averaging 17.9 points per game in the paint this season.

  • That is on pace to be the highest of anybody over the past 15 years.

  • Today, do you buy or sell Zion sustaining this pace?

  • Okay, I am buying this all of it, like whatever game stock was happening, you know?

  • But when it was all good, like, that's the same type of thing that I'm buying now again, like you said.

  • Rage for sure, leading the league in points per game When it comes to the paint, he has the highest field goal percentage by any MBA player by like a long shot, and he's just now figuring out the game again.

  • This could potentially be an extension of his rookie season, where he only played 30 plus games.

  • He's still figuring it out, but one thing he knows.

  • If it ain't broke, you don't need to fix it.

  • He's gonna get to the rim at will.

  • He's a great he's the guy you don't have to run plays for.

  • That's a beauty that's heaven for a coach.

  • And what does he do?

  • He gets those touches.

  • He gets those deflections, he gets extra possessions and he finishes at the rim.

  • And I feel like that's what he's known for, and that's what he's gonna stick.

  • Thio.

  • No, I agree today.

  • I think the funny thing is like when you look at players like Ben Simmons, when you look at players like Yannis, everyone focuses on what they need to improve on.

  • Well, right now, Yana are excuse me.

  • Zion is in that phase where it's just like, Hey, go play your game, Go figure out your game.

  • We're not going to critique you on whether you're three point percentage, just go play and he's dominating in the paint.

  • You go look.

  • A Yannis is M V P years dominant in the paint, so I think I am 100% buying because I in has little to no pressure other than being the number one pick and all that, he has no pressure to go prove that he could do something else because everyone just wants to see what he's capable of doing before him, trying to prove what he can do.

  • Oh, I can shoot jumpers.

  • I could do this.

  • I can do that right now.

  • It's like, Hey, you wanna go and explore 18 points in the paint?

  • Do it every night yet learn.

  • Alright, guys, Let's get to the Phoenix Suns as well.

  • They are winning this season and doing so with defense.

  • As you can see, they defend the three really well.

  • They rank in the top five overall defensive efficiency.

  • Richard, do you buy or sell the Sons as a top five defense for the rest of the season?

  • I'm gonna say I'm gonna sell, but I don't think they're going to drop out of the top 10.

  • I think you know the fact that they are a top 10 defensive team.

  • The fact that there right now like a couple months in at number five means that's kind of who they are right?

  • Do I think they will maintain being a top five defensive team?

  • I think that will be tough, but if they dropped the seven, if they if they dropped to eight, I think that there's still a playoff team and I think that's a compliment.

  • Toe the coaching staff.

  • I think that's a compliment of what Chris Paul has done and also all the young players that are listening toe all of the defense of responsibilities and making sure that they do it every single night.

  • Because that's what the top five top 10 defensive team does.

  • They bring it every night.

  • And Rachel, I'm a high risk, high reward investor s.

  • So therefore, I'm going to buy into this because I feel like based on the talent level right now in the NBA, which is so deep, we've got Brooklyn.

  • We've got Ella's plural.

  • We've got Philly.

  • We've got Milwaukee to compete, which Chris Paul wants to do.

  • That's why he made this move there To compete with that type of talk to your talent.

  • I feel like the Phoenix Suns.

  • They will need their defense as their edge.

  • Um, Chris Paul, seven time all defensive team, type of player.

  • Um, you you now have that rim protector and Ayton and you have a lot of switch herbal wings if I am, you know, coaching that squad, Monty Williams.

  • I'm telling them defense is our bread and butter.

  • And then we will let our chemistry build and we will compete through, you know, leading, you know, with Chris Paul out the point guard position.

  • Well, you're making our researcher, Michael Schwartz extremely happy today.

  • He is a diehard Suns fan this season.

  • It's been a decade since they've been in the playoffs.

  • People this season is all he has.

  • So thank you for buying on that just for him.

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Well, let's move on, guys, because we want to talk.

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Zion Williamson leads the NBA in paint points — can he keep it up? | The Jump

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