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  • What are your thoughts on?

  • Jalen Hurts comments the other day about him trying to build relationships with his guys.

  • Well, I think it's an important thing for him to do.

  • Um, and you know, I wonder if he's learned some hard lessons from some of the things that Carson Wentz hasn't been able to dio.

  • I think it's pretty clear that Jalen hurts when you when you play in Alabama and Bennett Oklahoma and then you come into a quarterback quagmire in Philadelphia.

  • Jalen Hurts has been dealt a difficult hand wherever he's gone, and he's flourished in the end because he really has a magnanimous, charming personality and he's tough and he loves the game of football and wants to work hard.

  • Um, and I think that that's a lesson that, um, you know, he has learned in just observing everywhere he has gone, including in Philadelphia, and we can all agree.

  • And I think Carson Wentz will agree that Number 11 has made some missteps along the way.

  • Some mistakes, and he's trying to recover from that.

  • And maybe what hurts saw that and said, You know what the first thing on my agenda is?

  • I gotta make sure that I have the right relationships in place.

  • I mean, come on.

  • You guys have played at the highest possible levels.

  • There are professional sports, you know?

  • It doesn't go anywhere unless you have a super pyrotechnics superlative talent on your team.

  • Who is going to carry everybody else?

  • We all know who those guys are.

  • You have tow, have chemistry, you have to have relationships.

  • You have to have the ability to trust one another in a critical situations.

  • That doesn't happen by accident.

  • That is not organic.

  • That is something you have tow work at to make work to get yourself from.

  • Okay, we're a team to We're a good team to We're a great team to we are a championship team.

  • It's an open competition without using the word open.

  • So he says competition data.

  • Everybody's once he said, Quarterback position, Open competition because he has very little experience at doing press conferences or major interviews.

  • Sounds like that he gets right.

  • Zubin.

  • He gets caught.

  • So then he wants to throw in.

  • I'm gonna be in competition with shame.

  • Well, first of all, you're not gonna be a competition with, so stop.

  • Don't Don't you know what I'm saying?

  • Like you're the head coach.

  • You're the head coach, man.

  • You're not going to be in competition with shame, which I think is his offensive coordinator that probably will not be calling plays because he will be calling the plays.

  • Changes has the title.

  • I get it.

  • But you know he's navigating his way through, and it's okay to say that it's an open competition.

  • You have yet to decide who you're starting quarterback is going to be.

  • It's okay to say that, but because of the lack of experience at answering these type of questions, he kind of backed himself up into a corner as long as a Zilong as Nixa Ronnie wins like, I don't really need him to be a politician, and I know what's important for coaches to be able to articulate what their plan is and how you handle the media really dictates how the media treats you back if you're giving them enough insight.

  • But at the end of the day that Carson Wentz needs to go take his damn job back like if you want it, it's open.

  • It should be an open competition and actually I would say that the way the season ended, Jalen Hurts has a slight advantage, and I love hearing Jalen hurts talk about.

  • I'm dealing with my guys.

  • He's telling you that I look at this as my team, my team, and it's not a jab at Carson Wentz.

  • It's not.

  • Hey, I'm taking a shot at somebody.

  • It's just me and how I operate and how I look at my guys and he's going into this battle saying, I want to take it now The question is, let's see if Jeff Lurie, the owner of the team with the likes of a Carson Wentz, If this guy that you choose to stick with, let's see if he actually has a moxie to go take it and get it back and deserving of the money he got paid.

  • A lot of people refer their teammates, especially people that they deal with my guys right at the third quarterback.

  • Fourth quarter back on the team on practice squad for me is my guy because he's throwing me the ball warming me up.

  • I know damn well he ain't gonna never play, but he's my guy.

  • I treat him as such.

  • Now I think Jalen Hurts is saying the same thing.

  • These are my guys.

  • I'm gonna work out with them in the off season at some point in time.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if you see some video on social media with Jalen Hurts in the wide receivers working out at some state with great weather down in Texas of Florida or California somewhere where he's getting the quarterback tutelage in the receivers of their working out with him, like you see a lot of quarterbacks doing.

  • I've yet to see in Carson Wentz tenure in Philadelphia.

  • Anything remotely close to that?

  • So it'll be interesting to see if that somehow comes.

  • The surface, um, Jalen hurts just got to do with Jalen Hurts needs to do to impress the new staff if he wants to be the starting quarterback.

  • But it goes back to what I said when he took over for Carson Wentz.

  • I said in the off season they'll have a quarterback battle.

  • Carson went toe win in the summer because that's just what will happen.

  • He'll play the first three or four or five games, see where goals and if it doesn't look great, he'll be done.

  • Is the Philadelphia Eagles if he does not get traded to Indianapolis on a monumental type deal, seen it a million times the guy that they're more interested in their more invested in, not just financially.

  • They're more invested in in every single realm because you have to validate that particular pick.

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What are your thoughts on?

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