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  • Can anyone edit Wikipedia?

  • This is Lisa.

  • Lisa is new at Wikipedia and wants to edit in article, but for some reason she can.

  • She realizes that the article is semi protected.

  • Why is that?

  • Wikipedia is edited every day by thousands of volunteers from around the world.

  • Truly, everyone can contribute their knowledge.

  • It's a great system.

  • And it's what made Wikipedia the largest encyclopedia and one of the most popular websites on the Internet in on Lee a few years.

  • But the World Wide Web is also home to many online trolls, those air people who enjoy annoying and provoking others.

  • And they often cause damage to make Wikipedia's knowledge less vulnerable to such trolls so that they can't damage it or delete it altogether.

  • With just a few clicks on Lee, auto confirmed users can edit semi protected articles.

  • To get this status, Lisa has to make it least 10 edits to unprotected articles.

  • Also, her account has to be more than four days old.

  • Aside from that more experienced Wikipedia ins, make sure that community selected administrators find out about users who repeatedly break Wikipedia's rules and temporarily blocked them.

  • Of course, they also check that the changes meet Wikipedia standards, for instance, they make sure that Lisa used a neutral tone and cited good sources.

  • Even if Lisa makes a few mistakes at the beginning, it's no big deal great when changes air undone.

  • It's almost always for good reasons.

  • Wikipedia is not about pushing individual opinions, but rather reaching a consensus together.

  • Still, Lisa wants to defend her edit, so she uses the talk page to make a case that is objective, polite and supported by good sources.

  • Finally, four days later, Lisa has made her 1st 10 successful edits, so her user account is now auto confirmed.

  • From now on, she can also edit, sent me protected articles, move pages or upload files.

Can anyone edit Wikipedia?

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