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  • I have zero energy Onda zero excitement about an All Star game this year.

  • Um, I don't even understand why we're having an All Star Game short off season for myself and my teammates with 71 days and then come into the season.

  • You know, we were told that we were not having All Star Game, so we had a nice little break, you know, five days from the fifth to the 10th, you know, on opportunity for me to kind of recalibrate for the second half of the season.

  • My teammates as well, some of the guys in the league.

  • And then they throw all star game on us like this and and just breaks that all the way up.

  • So, um, pretty much a kind of a slap in the face.

  • Yeah.

  • Stephen A.

  • Should there be an N b a All Star Game played this season?

  • Respectfully speaking, Um, I would say no.

  • I don't disagree with what LeBron James had to say.

  • Now I would say I find it a bit perplexing that last time I checked hey, definitely is first vice president of the NBA Players Association.

  • Unless something has changed and I missed it if I did.

  • I apologize because I don't pay too much attention to that portion of things.

  • I know Chris Paul is the president.

  • Him and LeBron are very tight.

  • Uh, they've known each other for years and why they don't seem to be on the same page.

  • Um, I don't understand it because the NBP a led by Chris Paul and executive director of Michelle Roberts have been negotiating.

  • And the anticipation is that there will be an All Star game March 7th in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • And that last part is where I definitely side with LeBron James in this respect Y Atlanta In the state of Georgia, we all recognize the fact that, uh, safety protocols and things of that nature in regards to Cove in 19 have been a bit lax compared to places like California, New York and various other places throughout the United States of America.

  • That's why the LeBron James used the word open, uh, to describe how what kind of environment exists.

  • Their fans are still coming in attendance not to folk a pass city, obviously or anything like that.

  • But things were relatively open in Georgia.

  • Businesses are open, people walking the streets that folks are being accused of not paying as much attention to Cove in 19 as some experts, some scientists and medical professionals would prefer.

  • We've all talked about this.

  • We've all lamented it.

  • So when LeBron brings that up and he's talking about, you know, the superstars of the N B a, uh, descending upon one locale, why would it be that?

  • And the fact that that is a legit that is a question that he has makes it incredibly, incredibly legitimate.

  • He brought up to 71 days off.

  • I understand for him, and I empathize with him because he's the champion and he was the last one standing, Max.

  • But I don't empathize with the rest of the MBA.

  • Uh, in regards to that, you had a four month break from the time the game.

  • The season was suspended in March because of Kovar 19.

  • But until you came back in July, when you came back in July, most of y'all were going by August, if not early September.

  • So I don't wanna hear that as an argument for the league itself.

  • For LeBron yes, for the rest of the league.

  • No, but when it comes to what he brought up about Kovar 19 safety protocols, lack of attention to detail as it pertains to that emanating from the state of Georgia and specifically the city of Atlanta.

  • Um, he brings that up.

  • It's hard to argue with that point that he's making that much, I will say so I can't say I disagree with him and I can't say that his points are invalid.

  • I wouldn't have handled it the way the Aaron Fox handled it by calling it stupid.

  • Because remember Chris, Paul and the Players Association of talking about how this is gonna benefit HBC used revenue generated from is gonna benefit HBC used in covert 19 relief.

  • So it's definitely a worthy cords, and that shouldn't be ignored.

  • And guys like the Aaron Fox, who were not playing deep into the postseason, obviously, because they don't make the postseason on a very young I don't want to hear that.

  • But for LeBron, I totally understand where he's coming from.

  • This is a debate show and but in this case we're not gonna just manufactured debate because we see this largely the same way you used the word perplexing.

  • It is perplexing because my understanding is Chris Paul pushed for this.

  • So if Chris Paul is pushing for it, Stephen, is it possible that it took LeBron James unawares?

  • I don't think so.

  • You would think that if Chris Paul is pushing for it, LeBron, it would be on LeBron James radar, but I guess we'll find out about that.

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I have zero energy Onda zero excitement about an All Star game this year.

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Stephen A. reacts to LeBron's concerns about the NBA All-Star Game | First Take

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