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  • There's been international condemnation of China after the BBC reporter claims that women in so called reeducation camps for the wigger Muslim minority are being raped and tortured.

  • The British and US governments are now calling on Beijing to allow independent investigators into the camps.

  • China has denied the allegations and accused the BBC of making a false report.

  • Matthew Hill has spoken to several former detainees for his report, and you may find some of their accounts distressing.

  • Mental are tears and eyes I wouldn't is reliving a story she can barely bring herself to tell.

  • She was held at one of Xinjiang's so called reeducation camps.

  • These satellite images showed the site where Tessa Knight says she was hurled sharing a cell with 13 other women.

  • She's haunted by one image.

  • Masked men coming down a camp corridor like this one after midnight.

  • They were three men, not one but three.

  • They did whatever evil their mind could think off, and they didn't spare any part off my body fighting it to the extent that it was disgusting to look at about what they didn't just rape, they were barbaric.

  • They had bitten all over my body, the U.

  • S.

  • Have granted her safe refuge after investigating her claims.

  • She's waived her right to anonymity on Now, feels free to speak out about the full extent of the abuse she says she suffered.

  • They had an electric pattern.

  • E didn't know what it waas.

  • It was pushed into my private parts and I was tormented with electric shocks.

  • Is estimated over a million.

  • Wieder zu and other Muslims were held in the camps.

  • These never before broadcast pictures were filmed secretly in a camp under construction on published by a magazine on religious liberty.

  • Many former camp inmates flee to Istanbul.

  • Some talk of being forced to choose between punishment or complicity in these crimes.

  • Han Chinese men would pay money to have their pick of the pretty young inmates.

  • My job is to remove their clothes and then handcuffed um on their beds so they cannot lose.

  • The testimony of the women we've interviewed has sparked international condemnation.

  • The US State Department said the atrocities they describe shock the conscience.

  • On tonight, President Biden has revealed human rights in China will be a priority for his administration.

  • Here, too, in parliament today, the treatment of the women was condemned by the Foreign Office.

  • The evidence of the scale on the severity of these violations is now far reaching.

  • It paints a truly harrowing picture.

  • If China wishes to dispute this evidence, then it must allow unfettered access to the region for the U.

  • N.

  • High Commissioner for Human Rights or another independent fact finding body.

  • China has responded to our investigation, insisting its camps are vocational training centers designed to stop Muslims living in the region from turning to extremism.

  • It accuses the BBC of lies on misinformation, waiting that there is no so called systemic sexual assault and abuse against women.

  • China is a country ruled by law.

  • Our constitution guarantees and protects human rights, and it is embodied in our legal system and the government's work.

  • These women have spoken out about rape, which in their culture is an unspoken crime because they want their stories heard.

  • It seems much of the world is listening.

There's been international condemnation of China after the BBC reporter claims that women in so called reeducation camps for the wigger Muslim minority are being raped and tortured.

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Claims of rape and torture of Uighur women in China provoke global condemnation - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/05
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