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  • The Child Gods: Once upon a time, an elderly man and woman lived.

  • They were poor but gentle and humble.

  • It was the New Year's Eve.

  • They were too poor to buy a rice cake for the New Year's Day, so they decided to make straw hats and sell them in the town.

  • "So, I'm off.", said the old man. "Take care now."

  • The elderly man had been walking around the town on the New Year's Eve saying,

  • "Don't you want a hat? Don't you need a hat?"

  • However, no one bought a hat, probably because times were bad.

  • "That's pity... she also helped me to make them. She will be sad."

  • On the way back, the snow started falling.

  • It turned into a snowstorm when he reached at the mountain pass.

  • He happened to find six statues of Child Gods at the roadside.

  • "Alas. You must be freezing without even hats on in such a snowstorm.

  • Here you are.

  • At least keep snow away with these hats," said the old man and put a hat on each statue of a Child God.

  • "Oh, no. I only have five hats."

  • There were six statues. He was one short.

  • He, then, placed his Japanese towel around the face of the God Child.

  • Although he had sold nothing, he felt good and satisfied.

  • He started walking to home.

  • "Welcome back! You must be freezing. Please warm up. Um? Where are those hats?" asked the old woman, when the old man got home.

  • "I am sorry. Any single hat wasn't sold. But I gave them to the Child Gods.

  • The statues were standing in such a snowstorm. I could not ignore that."

  • "Wow, you did a good thing. I am proud of you.

  • We don't need a rice cake.

  • We can make New Year's great with hot water and pickles.

  • If you helped the Child Gods, that was greater than selling hats."

  • They both were delighted and went to sleep.

  • Then, the next day was the New Year's.

  • The snowstorm stopped during the night.

  • Now, bright sun shone on the snow.

  • The light of the sparkling snow poured through the window.

  • What a beautiful day thought the elderly man and woman.

  • They noticed that it is somehow lively outside.

  • They heard merry songs.

  • It seemed many people were having a lot of fun there.

  • As they went out to see what was happening, they saw piled rice cake, ornaments and delicious food and snacks for the New Year's.

  • "Whoopee! What could it be!"

  • Then, they saw six statues of Child Gods were going back the way.

  • The statues turned around and waved their hands with a smile.

  • "Now I understand. The Child Gods came to give you thank-you' presents!"

  • "Dear, we can finally have an excellent New Year."

  • Both the old man and woman looked at the Child Gods leaving, and put their hands together. The end.

The Child Gods: Once upon a time, an elderly man and woman lived.

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The Child Gods【Japanese Fairy Tales in English】

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