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  • I think that crystals can be used to help you

  • access information in your dreams to help you decode

  • different hidden messages in your dreams, meaning behind your dreams.

  • I have a really great article on this, too, its called "Dream Healing with

  • Crystals and Stones," and I actually recommend a crystal layout that you can

  • put around your bed

  • at night to help project you into this astral realm

  • in the dream state. It will also open you up to receiving intuitive

  • messages and to help you remember those dreams when you wake up

  • so that you can actually go through and decode the messages involved.

  • So I really like red Jasper,

  • Celestite, Herkimer Diamond, and Moldavite for that kind of work,

  • which is what I recommend using in the article for this particular grid. I

  • also think that there are crystal emissaries or guides

  • that we can actually access from our dream state. So

  • I have found that overtime,

  • through working with consious dreaming practices, lucid dreaming practices, that

  • sometimes you're actually able to

  • consciously direct your dreams to the point where you're able to connect with some of

  • these crystal guides or crystal emissaries. I've received

  • amazing information sometimes about how to use crystals for

  • healing in different ways through connecting with these crystal guides on

  • the astral plane. I think that, you know, crystals are one thing that

  • really facilitate getting that going. Again, learning a little bit about

  • conscious dreaming and lucid dreaming can help that as well.

  • There's a connection between the healing qualities of Infinite, which really help to heal the healers,

  • and then that amazing amplifying energy of the

  • Azeztulite. There's also a connection to

  • ancestors in the Akasic records through the use of

  • Azeztulite, so you've probaby had very very interesting dreams.

I think that crystals can be used to help you

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