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  • this guy is gonna go down as one of the greatest individual players within the team team context that we have ever, ever, ever seen ever.

  • No one with sense would dispute what you're saying about Patrick Mahomes greatness and what we will go down saying about him when all is said and done.

  • But I must ask you a question, because when we're talking about him, we're not talking about results, guys, we understand that there's a whole bunch of components that come into the equation that dictate ultimate results were talking about his greatness as a talent.

  • Are you sitting here with a straight face, Luis Riddick and telling me you've never seen anybody like, um, you've never seen Aaron Rodgers do any of these things?

  • It's never happened.

  • Stephen A.

  • I know how much you love Aaron Rodgers.

  • Yes, I do.

  • I love Aaron Rodgers.

  • I love Aaron Rodgers.

  • Get him.

  • Lou.

  • Patrick has a level of skill in his arm that is like Go go gadget like it's different, man.

  • It's just flat out different, and I know this is a subjective thing, right?

  • There's no way to really quantify this as to who has more arm talent.

  • You can't put him on some kind of machine and measure his arm talent next to Erin's.

  • That's to John Elway's Who I Played against Dan Marino's who I played against all these guys.

  • This guy, though, is different, and I think people his peers present day and guys who played before him would tell you the same thing.

  • I don't know if we've ever seen it.

  • Let me talk to sit and let me throw this in.

  • Let me throw this in because I will defer.

  • I will openly defer to you.

  • You know better than me.

  • I got that.

  • But I asked the question.

  • I ask that I asked that question in this respect.

  • Because when I think about and I've often said this to Max in the history of football, I have never seen a successful quarterback throwing to himself who you throw two matters.

  • When I think about Air Coryell with Dan fouls, who could fling the football?

  • I think about Charlie joined.

  • I think about Kellen Winslow.

  • Okay, Kellen Winslow Sr.

  • When I thought about Dan Marino, I couldn't forget that dammit, Mark Clayton and Mark super duper or his targets.

  • I mean It was something special to behold, and we know that Damn Dan Marino couldn't scramble.

  • But we know you could fling the football.

  • I'm looking at Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelsey, and I'm just saying to myself, if I'm going to say what you say about Patrick Mahomes, Max Lewis, What I all what I always say to myself, away from y'all just sitting at home watching is this?

  • If Aaron Rodgers was throwing the football to them, would he look worse?

  • Well, let me flip it.

  • I don't think so.

  • Let me flip it around.

  • Sure, Let me flip it around, because I do get this.

  • Get this point If this is the point.

  • Stephen A.

  • Michael Jordan came around.

  • We've never seen anything like him.

  • I thought by the time his third full season, right, cause he got hurt his second year.

  • That's the greatest player of all time.

  • I don't know why people weren't admitting it at the time.

  • He should have won the M V P every year.

  • I mean, Larry Bird knew it and he was the champion of basketball at the time of the M V p and he was like that dude's better than God.

  • But Bird didn't play like Jordan.

  • The bird didn't play like Jordan.

  • I was a little kids like Oh my God, I hate Larry Bird of the Knicks fan.

  • But who's ever gonna be better than that?

  • And then Jordan came along.

  • The difference with Mahomes is there is a dude who is very similar to him, who come along named Aaron Rodgers.

  • There's no two ways about that.

  • That is a difference.

  • Rogers is closer to my homes than anyone was to Jordan at the time he played.

  • But could you imagine Mahomes on that Green Bay team this year in the red zone before the end of the first half?

  • Going over three and they have to kick a field goal.

  • Could you imagine him at the end of the game?

  • Seeing daylight, not running and missing?

  • A receiver like Mahomes has the extra element to me that Rogers doesn't that gun slinger thing that far have had that extra little juice that makes you believe at all times his team is gonna win because they have him.

  • He's like, as I keep saying, Farve and Rogers had a baby.

  • It's all the best qualities of each without any of the drawbacks.

  • But what makes me uncomfortable with that is that we act like Patrick Mahomes has been perfect all the time.

  • We watched the Super Bowl last year, and I hate talking about it because I know how great and phenomenal he is.

  • And I think he's great for the NFL.

  • He's great for the world of sports.

  • Great guy, great team leader, great talent, the whole.

  • But I'm not trying to take anything away from him.

  • I'm just not gonna throw in the shade on Aaron Rodgers in that regard, and I'm looking at Patrick Mahomes for the 1st 3.5 quarters off the Super Bowl last year, he looked incredibly normal.

  • It's not like everything he touches is gold.

  • Every second he overcomes a lot of things, but he does find himself in situations where he's been less than stellar, just like the greats like Aaron Rodgers and others had.

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this guy is gonna go down as one of the greatest individual players within the team team context that we have ever, ever, ever seen ever.

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Stephen A. refuses to compare Patrick Mahomes to Michael Jordan | First Take

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