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  • One thing that has come up here has been, How could all of this impact Carson Wentz since entering the league is the top two picks in the 2016 draft.

  • Both golf and Wences careers have been marked by team success, not necessarily individual accolades.

  • Huge contracts in both cases, whence his Eagles won Super Bowl 52.

  • But that was, of course, with Nick Foles at quarterback.

  • So let's bring in a man who knows all things about the Eagles.

  • I've got Sal Paolantonio with me today from ST Pete in Florida and sell.

  • You've covered all 10 of Tom Brady's Super Bowls for this network, and as the week goes on, we will dive into that.

  • But today, I really wanted to get into this with the Eagles.

  • With the trade of Jared Golf, what are the implications now for Carson Wentz?

  • Well, Michael, think about this.

  • Before there was the beautiful mystery of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and the trade demands of the Shawn Watson and what was going on in Detroit.

  • In Los Angeles, Carson Wentz was the first quarterback on the coaching carousel reported by our Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter that Carson Wentz wanted out in Philadelphia.

  • And when you look at Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, they both came into the league at the same time.

  • They were both given lucrative contract extensions.

  • They both did not live up to those contract extensions.

  • In order for the Lions to swallow the contract of Jared Goff, the Rams had to throw in two first round picks.

  • Now, could you imagine if Howie Roseman tried that in Philadelphia in order to trade Carson Wentz is onerous contract situation that he would dare throw in draft picks for a possible trade partner to swallow Carson Wentz is very difficult contract, which would make a cap ologists blush.

  • It could never happen in Philadelphia.

  • I don't think how he Rosen wouldn't even try it.

  • He'd be laughed off the stage in Philly.

  • He would definitely be excoriated for it.

  • So I think it raises the question.

  • Now the bar has been set to trade Gulf to trade winds.

  • You're gonna have to throw in draft picks to take on that big contract.

  • And there's one other point about this that has been made in Philadelphia and around the league, right.

  • It is that the Rams traded their failed quarterback and kept Sean McVeigh, who by the way could not beat Doug Peterson in big games, scored three points against Bill Belichick and the Super Bowl.

  • The Eagles got rid of Doug Peterson, who beat Bill Belichick in the Super Bowl with a backup quarterback when Tom Brady through for 4, 505 yards.

  • And they kept so far kept so far so far in quotes underlying I italicized Carson Wentz, who could still be available in a trade.

  • It's very interesting what Nick See or Eonni has said so far about the quarterback situation.

  • He's obviously left all options open on the table.

  • But if you're gonna try to trade winds and throw in two picks, good luck trying to sell that to the Philly fan base, I totally get that part of it.

  • That's why this all surprised me so much.

  • So I'll just in the moment that I have left here.

  • It was my feeling based on what you just said, that in the power struggle when demanded a trade and one a power struggle inside the organization, whether anyone agrees with their disagrees with, he won the power struggle and Peterson got fired, so the idea that he still might get traded stunned me.

  • So you believe there is still a chance that the Eagles would trade him if they found something palatable?

  • I think there's a very slim chance I know there's a lot of reporting on both sides of this, But right now, I think Howie Roseman, Jeffrey Lurie believe that Carson Wentz is quote unquote fixable.

  • That's why they hired Nick Sirianni.

  • Jeffrey Lurie has said as much publicly and privately in Philadelphia, and so is Howie Roseman.

  • They want to try to fix Carson Wentz, and they want to try to make Jalen Hurts work.

  • They're gonna have a quarterback competition.

  • But if the right deal comes along, the right deal comes along.

  • You could see them trading one or the other in order to clear the decks so they don't have this quarterback quagmire that goes throughout the spring and into the summer and throughout training camp.

  • Because right now it's a mess.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

One thing that has come up here has been, How could all of this impact Carson Wentz since entering the league is the top two picks in the 2016 draft.

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