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  • the quarterback competition was between Doug Peterson and Carson Wentz, and obviously we know who won that.

  • Now we get to a season where Sirianni comes in.

  • Ah, Frank, right guy, writing on the wall for the Philadelphia Eagles about fixing Carson wins.

  • And he's talking about a quarterback competition, bro.

  • You literally were brought toe Philly toe fix.

  • Carson Wentz.

  • You were brought there to do that and also have him be to be the catalyst for what y'all do offensively.

  • But it's a quarterback competition G.

  • I have heard this before.

  • I didn't heard quarterback competition my entire life.

  • You know what?

  • I knew all my years in Dallas?

  • Roma was gonna be the starting quarterback.

  • You know what I knew in L s u Rah?

  • David was gonna be the starting quarterback, and then it was gonna be Matt Mark like this.

  • This this whole notion that the Philadelphia Eagles brought in a coach with the background off the guy that Carson Wentz had the most success under.

  • But it's gonna be a quarterback competition.

  • If I was Jalen hurts, I'll be pissed off.

  • If I was the Philadelphia Eagles football team, I'll be pissed off about the Peterson situation.

  • And, man, listen.

  • If Carson Wentz don't ball and he is the starter, he going to really understand what Philadelphia fan base is like.

  • Yeah, I think that's all well taken.

  • So, Jeff, let's talk about that for a moment here because the new coach is coming in, and they called him Frank Reich Junior when they first hired him.

  • He is clearly coming in to fix Carson Wentz, but he also inherits least, for the moment, a quarterback controversy, which is the last thing any team wants.

  • Do you believe they can continue with both of those guys?

  • Meaning, if they don't trade, went, Do you think they need to do something with Jalen Hurts?

  • Absolutely.

  • Listen, and that's why I get his point.

  • The Onley competition for for Carson Wentz is.

  • Can somebody give a trade offer that the Eagles will take?

  • That's the only that's the competition, because when it hits the field, he is gonna be the guy.

  • So if you're if you're Jalen hurts, you're honestly going back in that office going, Hey, if that's the way it's gonna be, help me get out of here, right?

  • Find me a trade partner so that I could get out and show teams that I can play.

  • That's what that's gonna become, because it's too sweet.

  • Goose Point.

  • The last thing you can have is when you walk in that locker room and, you know, whenever they talk about Q B competition, By the way, I have to say, Why do I have never seen a quarterback competition?

  • Those dudes ain't built for that.

  • Offensive linemen defensive linemen have competitions, bro.

  • You know what quarterbacks get competed with when they send their competitors off somewhere else and bring in some old that they know can't start more than two games.

  • That's the way the league has put together.

  • So all this competition is Can you trade one of the other, get the most value?

  • And I think that's why in that press conference, he left it open, you know, trying to hang some bait for anybody who wants to be in that.

  • That that that went, uh, sweepstakes.

  • But other than that will be the guy If if if he stays in Philly, let the record show Jeff that One of the reasons you never saw a quarterback competition is that Peyton Manning was your quarterback, and then it wasn't a whole lot of need.

  • Eso Graziano finishing bow on this thing.

  • Should we expect this thing to play out?

  • Look, I mean, I sat here a week ago and said the Rams were stuck with golf, so I wanna make sure leave myself some off ramps here.

  • Look at the South Point about having to trade picks to get rid of golf, and and therefore a similar situation with once is correct.

  • Uh, they would have to compensate someone for taking that contract off their hands.

  • Also, it's not an apples to apples comparison with golf.

  • The Rams are eating $22 million worth of dead money on golf steel this year for the Eagles.

  • That number would be 34 million on if they wait till after March 20th, when they have to pay him.

  • A roster bonus would be 44 million.

  • So they could wait till June and do it and knocked down this year's hit.

  • But then they'd have a hit next year.

  • So a little bit trickier than moving golf was not impossible.

  • I'm listening to Nick Sirianni say stuff that new coaches say.

  • I'm thinking Joe judge got to the Giants last year and wouldn't say that Daniel Jones was the starter even though everybody knew he was right like that's That's just sort of what coaches do.

  • They want to make sure that the roster here's it.

  • I know these guys were saying they don't buy it, but that's that's how the coach feels anyway.

  • So, yeah, I think whence is the most likely Eagle starter this year.

  • But again, after last week, I gotta leave myself a little bit of an opening.

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the quarterback competition was between Doug Peterson and Carson Wentz, and obviously we know who won that.

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You were brought to Philly to fix Carson Wentz - Marcus Spears on Eagles coach Nick Sirianni |Get Up

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