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  • how your food consumption can save the environment.

  • Mitt Lisa Lisa is at the grocery store with her fan, Tony.

  • When she recognizes something astonishing.

  • The pineapples and the star originate from a country far away.

  • Lisa is confused.

  • She thinks about the distance to pan apples have been transported.

  • Is it possible that our food consumption effects the environment?

  • She asked Tony.

  • Luckily, Tony is an expert in this field, about 25% off the greenhouse emissions resolved from global agriculture and food production that a small pollution than all the cars in the world produce both production and transportation.

  • Create noxious emission gazes that increases global warming.

  • Significantly.

  • Animal products and especially meat, have a great impact.

  • This is because they require much more resource is than greens.

  • Such Ousland feed Ah, water.

  • 1 kg of beef, for example, requires more than 15,000 liters of water.

  • And, um, it's about 14 to 20 kg of emission gazes, whereas 1 kg of sell it on the causes 0.5 kg of emissions.

  • This has shocked.

  • What can she do about it?

  • Tony knows the answer again.

  • Reduce eating animal products.

  • You don't have to go vegan that eating many fruits and vegetables that's more environmentally friendly than eating meat on and saving the climate starts even before food consumption.

  • Take the public transport bike or go barefoot when doing small shopping.

  • Stop wasting food.

  • Buy only what you need and cook portions that you can finish.

  • This is happy now.

  • She understands how our food consumption effects, the environment and what she can do to save it.

  • She puts the pineapple bag.

  • Instead, she grabs a few pairs.

  • From now on, only regional products will make it into her shopping bag.

how your food consumption can save the environment.

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How your food consumption can save the environment

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/04
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