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  • Hi, I'm Brad Hall.

  • Today we're going to use the download

  • feature on the Hulu mobile app.

  • Sometimes we get brave and venture out

  • beyond the boundaries of Wi-Fi.

  • Maybe we get on an airplane or maybe

  • we're just headed out to do a little rollerblading

  • like I am now.

  • The Hulu no ads plan makes it easy to download content

  • directly to my phone or tablet.

  • It's easy to download shows by tapping this button

  • on a show's details page.

  • It's clear and intuitive, like me.

  • I'm going to go for a spin with my favorite Hulu shows.

  • So stay safe.


  • This is how you Hulu.

  • And back down.

Hi, I'm Brad Hall.

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