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  • ROCKY: Hello and thanks for joining us here at Dino News!

  • MAZU: Today's segment comes to you from the geysers,

  • where there's been reports of tectonic activity.

  • TINY: Mazu, maybe you should explain

  • what "tectonic activity" means.

  • MAZU: Good idea, Tiny.

  • So, all the land on Earth sits on tectonic plates,

  • and they're always moving.

  • When the plates push into each other or pull apart,

  • they can cause earthquakes.

  • ROCKY: Oh, is that what we were there for?

  • I thought we went for this...

  • Yahoo!

  • Wheee!

  • BILL: That's when the ground started wobbling!

  • MAZU: An earthquake!

  • ROCKY: I figured I could lead us all to safety, until...

  • - Whoa! - Wait!

  • Thanks, Mazu.

  • Whoa, the ground!

  • It got ripped wide open.

  • BILL: Suddenly our news story

  • became "Dinos trapped by crevice."

  • MAZU: Or, how about:

  • "Dinos find a way to cross the crevice!"

  • ROCKY: We decided to swi-i-i-ing across!

  • Sorry, Archie.

  • MAZU: Or launch across!

  • - (Squawks) - ROCKY: Sorry, Archie.

  • TINY: Bill had to go fast.

  • Giganto was coming!

  • BILL: But I was scared.

  • I wanted Tiny to come with me.

  • TINY: And I wanted to, but I was a little tied up at the moment!

  • BILL: Oh no! I had to help Tiny!

  • Agghhh!

  • I s-s-sure hope you want a b-bath, Giganto!

  • That's right, big fella,

  • just a little closer...

  • Huh, he likes it!

  • Well, while he's distracted, see you later!

  • Come on, now's our chance!

  • MAZU: It looked like they'd make it.

  • ROCKY: But Giganto came back!

  • TINY: Uh-ohh...

  • (Screaming)

  • BILL: So we made it across... with Giganto's help!

  • ROCKY: What an adventure!

  • I bet that will never happen again.

  • MAZU: Don't be so sure.

  • Long before the Cretaceous period,

  • most land on Earth was pushed together.

  • But during dinosaur times,

  • the plates beneath the land started pulling apart

  • to form the seven continents.

  • TINY: And we know plates moving apart can cause earthquakes.

  • BILL: And crevices.

  • But I'm here to report that as long as we're friends,

  • there's nothing that can separate us!

ROCKY: Hello and thanks for joining us here at Dino News!

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