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  • INTERVIEWER: You learned English in Colombia

  • or in the United States or--

  • Watching TV, man.

  • INTERVIEWER: Watching TV?

  • Watching TV, hiding all the time.

  • My name is Sebastián Marroquín, formerly Juan Pablo Escobar.

  • I am the son of Pablo Escobar.

  • I grew up living a life full of money, full of power.

  • My father at the time, he was perhaps one

  • of the richest men in Colombia.

  • I realized very early that he was a bandit because he told

  • me when I was seven years old.

  • So you can imagine, being a child,

  • perhaps you know the meaning of the word bandit.

  • But you don't realize how huge the organization

  • was that my father was in charge of.

  • REPORTER: Pablo Escobar has been identified

  • by American authorities as Colombia's

  • leading exporter of cocaine.

  • The Escobar family has reportedly amassed nearly $2

  • billion smuggling 1,100 pounds of refined cocaine

  • into the United States every month.

  • SEBASTI N MARROQU N: We were living in a life

  • that we felt power was endless.

  • EXPERT: The Medellín Cartel was very rough, very vindictive.

  • The Cali people, they looked at it

  • more as a business to expand.

  • [speaking in spanish]

  • SEBASTI N MARROQU N: The Cali cartel

  • took control of all the Medellín cartel routes in New York.

  • And that make my father very upset.

  • MAR A ISABEL SANTOS: [speaking in spanish]

  • SEBASTI N MARROQU N: Thenaco building

  • was our our family home.

  • We used to live there.

  • But I started to be so aware of the consequences

  • of my father's actions because I was

  • forced to hide more than he.

  • He was more free than--

  • than I was in that time.

  • [siren]

  • [speaking in spanish]

  • [boom]

  • [crash]

  • [sirens]

  • MAR A ISABEL SANTOS: [speaking in spanish]

  • REPORTER: [speaking in spanish]

  • And my father became even more crazy than ever

  • because he felt for one hour that all of his family

  • were dead.

  • [speaking in spanish]

INTERVIEWER: You learned English in Colombia

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Pablo Escobar Goes to War | Narco Wars

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