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  • number one in your M V P rankings.

  • It's early, J, but a quarter pole through You've got the King at the top and another guy that was on the floor in hot pursuit.

  • Yeah, I said yesterday, is between 12 and beat and ah, guy like LeBron James.

  • I think Kevin Durant is in that conversation.

  • Nicola Yokich is in that conversation, but look, LeBron James should have six m v p awards, dammit six like he should surpass Michael Jordan 2018.

  • I felt like he got robbed from James Harden.

  • I also felt like he got robbed last year with the honest And I think this year the numbers were speaking for themselves, right?

  • Like now, because of last night Utah.

  • And I think the Lakers are at the top of the overall standings in the in, the in, the in the NBA.

  • But I would say just with the way LeBron James is playing career high in three point shooting percentage at 41% he's shooting 50% from the floor.

  • He has a career low in minutes that he's being played, averaging 25 points per game, 8.5 rebounds per game seven assists per game.

  • And but it's all the ancillary things he does for his team.

  • And last night watching them play, they were down double digits within 2.5 minutes left to go in the game, and they just find a way to turn it on.

  • I know that the 70 Sixers gotta went up for Tobias.

  • Harris shot to close the game with 2.5 seconds left, but it just feels like this Lakers team is prone to do something incredible once again, led by LeBron.

  • In a way, he affect every aspect of the game, and I just want LeBron to continue to get his praise.

  • And I don't want to see every one of these years where somebody else steals the M V P Award away from because we have LeBron James M V P.

  • Fatigue.

  • Yeah, but I think when you look at it, though, Jay, I don't think that will be the case this year.

  • I think because of the way things went last year with him in the M V P voting, if he stays on course and doing what he is doing right now and at the end of the season.

  • He's where he started.

  • I think he gets the not because he, in my opinion, is so far, so far out in front of everybody else because of his age because of what he's doing on the floor, where the Lakers record is at how people are coming into the season looking at the Lakers as a whole, you know how Mo mentum is when you carry that mo mentum into the end that carries volume.

  • It goes a long, long ways.

  • And I think you know, from a yachting standpoint, you're not gonna keep giving out M.

  • V.

  • P.

  • Trophy is two guys that don't finish the deal.

  • I mean, you're just not How could that be?

  • An M.

  • V.

  • P understand?

  • It's a a team of war.

  • I mean individual war within the constructions of a team, but you don't advanced anywhere.

  • I get, um, VP two years in a row and you stuck on stupid right?

  • You can't move past that.

  • So I think when you look at it, LeBron led his team to a championship a year ago and didn't get the M v P voting, and he kind of threw a little, you know, kinda.

  • Now I don't wanna call a shade because he didn't hide it, he said were exactly what he felt.

  • And now he comes out again at his age.

  • Looks like he's 22 years old again.

  • And and and so when you start to look at that, it's like, Well, what can you say?

  • I understand Lucas playing great, and some of the other players are playing great, But this dude is doing this at this age.

  • I mean, God, come on.

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number one in your M V P rankings.

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