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  • Tim Hasselbeck.

  • Thanks so much for joining us as always.

  • How you doing?

  • I'm doing great.

  • A friend of the show now.

  • Good.

  • You're like our fourth member.

  • It's more of an acquaintance.

  • It's more of an acquaintance, not a friend, But yeah, sure, but I'm curious when you when you look back at the games on Sunday, there were a lot of head coaching candidates on display, and I'm curious.

  • What was Mawr impressive of a performance?

  • Was it Todd Bowles defense versus Aaron Rodgers?

  • Uh, Eric be enemies offense or Leslie Frazier's defense?

  • I'm gonna go with the performance by that bugs defense in the plan that Todd Bowles had for Aaron Rodgers.

  • And I'm saying it in part because look at how Tom Brady played in the second half.

  • Yes, he's amazing.

  • Yes, he's going to his 10th Super Bowl, all of that.

  • But he turned the ball over three times in the second half.

  • He missed a bunch of throws in the second half, and I think the way the defense responded was remarkable against an offense that really had been just about as good as anybody.

  • Uh, you know that we've seen this season so I think the plan that he had in place, the job that that group did against Aaron Rodgers, Erin Jones, who they knock out of the game, the job they did on Davante Adams.

  • I thought it was brilliant and, you know it shouldn't be a surprise.

  • Has been one of the best defensive coordinators in the league for a long time.

  • Speaking of Aaron Rodgers, he's now lost his last four conference championships, and that calls into questions, Ah, lot about his future, something that our Packers reporter, Rob Tomasky, spoke a little bit on.

  • Anyone who's been around Aaron Rodgers and I've covered him his entire career knows he doesn't say anything without thinking it through first.

  • Now on Lee, he knows what he meant by his comments after Sunday's NFC Championship game loss.

  • But I asked coach Matt LaFleur if he thought he'd get another crack at one of these with Rogers, and he said, quote, I sure as hell hope so.

  • He better be back here.

  • He's our leader.

  • So my question to you then, Tim, is how do you see this future rolling out for Aaron Rodgers?

  • Yeah, I think he's back in Green Bay next year.

  • I think the tensions of what happens beyond that, you know, become a little bit more significant.

  • And, you know, I I do think it's probably hard for him to look at what happened where, you know, in a game and NFC championship game where he outplays Tom Brady, they end up losing the game because, quite frankly, the Bucks defense played significantly better than the Green Bay defense.

  • And so, you know Tampa has gone all in tow.

  • Help Tom Brady.

  • I think that Aaron can probably a t least, you know, talk himself into a situation where he doesn't feel like Green Bay has gone all in to help him, you know, get it done.

  • They win another championship.

  • So look, I could see there being frustration.

  • I could see there being, uh, you know, different rumors during the off season about, you know, his relationship being strained with the with the coach of the organization.

  • But ultimately, I think he's back as their starting quarterback next year.

  • Well, it sure helps when you're fourth and goal from the eight, you take the ball out of his hands to make sure that relationship has smoothed over um, Tim, follow me on this one.

  • Tom Brady's 43 years old when he starts the Super Bowl for Tampa Bay, he will have started in his lifetime, not his career.

  • 23% of the Super Bowls and those 43 years.

  • That's immense, Um, is the greatest team athlete of all time now, e.

  • I mean, it is e to think what he's accomplished.

  • Listen, when we're talking about the championship game thing, what he had been to 14 and the next closest is Joe Montana at seven.

  • E mean what he There aren't words.

  • There aren't adjectives to describe what he's accomplished.

  • And what's remarkable is that typically, you would think somebody that's climbed to the top of the mountain the way that he has, you know, it would have come into the league as a first round draft pick.

  • I mean, he essentially had to fight, claw his way onto the field, and then once he did, he's done it better than anyone that's ever played the game.

  • It's incredible.

  • So, yeah, in terms of team sport athletes, I can't imagine, because it's so hard to affect the game all by yourself, you know, in a sport like football.

  • But a quarterback obviously has a big effect on the game that he has to be the best.

  • Tim.

  • What part of his life in his career do you think that horseshoe just kind of really got into that key?

  • Eastern stayed there because I'd argue That's the luckiest horse you ever I think in your time around the New England Revolution.

  • Way on.

  • That's probably what did it you did share?

  • You guys did share stadium way lost.

  • Fortunately way.

  • Appreciate you are fourth family member here.

  • We'll see you very soon, I'm sure.

  • See you guys.

Tim Hasselbeck.

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