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  • a second vaccine has shown to be effective in major trials in just 24 hours.

  • The latest is the Jansen vaccine.

  • It's 66% effective overall, on only needs a single dose and crucially, it is 85% effective against severe disease.

  • Last night, Novaks announced UK trials had shown its vaccine to be 89% effective, and crucially, that vaccine protects against the new, more contagious UK variant.

  • If approved, the UK has millions of doses of both vaccines on order that they wouldn't be available until later in the year, our medical editor Fergus Walsh, reports co vid vaccine trials keep delivering results beyond all expectations.

  • Thes volunteers in Southampton are among tens of thousands worldwide testing the vaccine from Janssen, part of the pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson, which will produce one billion doses of its jab this year.

  • We have a single shot vaccine which can protect very highly 85% against severe disease and complete protection against debt and hospitalization after Day 28.

  • And that's a finding which was across the world in all the regions, independent, off age and independent off strange.

  • The results from the U.

  • S biotech Novavax on nothing short of spectacular.

  • This site in London, part of the UK wide trial, which showed the vaccine offered strong protection even against the contagious new variant first identified in Kent.

  • It's very significant because we were able to show that the vaccine works well against both the old, the original strain and the new strain.

  • It had 96% efficacy against the original cove it 19 strain, and yet it still had 86% efficacy against the variant strains.

  • So how do they work?

  • The Novavax Jab uses proteins from the surface spike of coronavirus and combine these with a chemical booster or adjuvant.

  • The Jansen vaccine puts the gene for the spike protein into ah harmless virus, a similar approach to the Oxford AstraZeneca jab.

  • Both vaccines prime the immune system, including creating antibodies which will target coronavirus in the event of infection.

  • The Novavax jab will be manufactured on Teesside, part of a deal struck last year to ensure a steady flow of vaccine, the UK has ordered 100 million doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine on 40 million of fighters.

  • Both of these are in limited supply at the moment of 17 million doses off Madonna's vaccine won't arrive until the spring.

  • Then there's the two vaccines, which have just yielded results.

  • 60 million doses off the Novavax jab.

  • They'll take a few months to be delivered, plus 30 million off the single dose Jansen vaccine.

  • Now, if those last two are approved, that will be enough doses.

  • Thio immunize thean entire UK population twice over later this year, the U.

  • K is likely tohave such a surplus of co vid vaccine.

  • It may be giving it away, but for the next few months, supply will be tight to more vaccines to add to the toolbox.

  • This gives more resilience, immortals, new tools that were different from the last ones.

  • It means that we can spread the vaccine around.

  • It means that we can really start to impact on this pandemic, not just here but right the way across the world, vaccinating one country in a pandemic is like putting a sticking plaster on a gaping wound.

a second vaccine has shown to be effective in major trials in just 24 hours.

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Another new vaccine is said to be 88% effective against severe Covid - BBC News

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