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  • Oh, missed it!

  • Jared!

  • Hey, JoJo!

  • Gran Gran!

  • Guess we'll be getting the next bus together.

  • - When will the next bus be here? - Let's check the time table.

  • The timetable tells us the different times the busses are going to arrive.

  • - And we need the number seven, which will be here any minute now. -Yay!

  • (Excuse me.) Oh, dear! I think the bus is too full for all three of us to get on.

  • I'm gonna be late getting back to the shop.

  • I hope there aren't any customers waiting.

  • You get on this bus, Jared.

  • We'll wait for the next one.

  • What if the next bus is too full, Gran Gran?

  • Oh, I'm sure the next bus will have space. On you get, Jared!

  • Oh, thanks, Gran Gran!

  • You're a legend.

  • Uh, sorry.

  • See you later. Bye!

  • Bye, Jared!

  • Don't worry, JoJo.

  • I'm sure the next bus will be here soon.

  • It's the next bus. Hooray! It's here!

  • Quick, Gran Gran!

  • Oh, that was quick.

  • Okay, JoJo! Take my hand.

  • Oh! Gran Gran, JoJo!

  • Cynthia! Are you going home, too?

  • Home? Oh, no. I'm going to a flower show out of town.

  • This bus doesn't go home.

  • Oh, no!

  • This is the number three bus.

  • Not the number seven.

  • Quick, JoJo, we need to get off!

  • - Bye, Cynthia! - Bye!

  • Oh, dear!

Oh, missed it!

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