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  • Hey, Disney Plus Jason URLs here from Hannah Montana.

  • Annalisa Vanderpool Here from That's So Raven Maria Canals Barrera Daniel Official from Boy Meets World in Girl Meets World.

  • David Henry from Wizards of Waverly Place.

  • Christy Carlson Tomato.

  • I am from Impossible, even Stevens.

  • Cadet Kellie.

  • Today I'm gonna weigh in on superlatives for other Disney Channel characters.

  • Best hair That definitely has to go to any character that Corbyn Blue Blaze Best hair.

  • Raven Baxter, Hannah Montana or Alex Russo, for sure.

  • Alex Russo Best VFW's Raven and Chelsea, Harper Finkle and Alex Russo.

  • It's a little hard to beat the friendship between KP and Ron.

  • It is Miley and Lilly, for sure.

  • Biggest overachiever guys, I'm Stevens is most definitely the biggest overachiever.

  • That has to be Justin Russo.

  • Justin Russo.

  • He was a valedictorian.

  • The biggest prankster.

  • Come on, it's gotta be shy.

  • Is character from even Stevens.

  • It can't be anybody else.

  • Max for was replaced.

  • Most likely goes.

  • To Talk to You.

  • Would Have to Be, too, is elusive.

  • Ryan and Sharpay from High School Musical.

  • Best dressed is either Raven Baxter or Nia Baxter.

  • Are per Finkel Biggest clone would have to be Jackson.

  • Jerry.

  • That's why Theresa married him.

  • Obviously, Chelsea Daniels, for sure, is the biggest clown.

  • Thank you for watching this video.

  • I hope you all have a great day.

Hey, Disney Plus Jason URLs here from Hannah Montana.

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