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  • Be careful of the SAD syndrome because right now you may have it.

  • The SAD syndrome is a real thing humans get from the weather.

  • Every time the weather is grey, rainy, snowy, or cold, people clinically feel sad.

  • People feel depressed.

  • - It's cold! - That is the sad syndrome: Seasonal Affective Disorder.

  • And I get sad all the time from the changing of the seasons.

  • That's why 5 years ago, I made a decision to only wear T-shirts, and to only make videos in places with warm weather.

  • For example, in the month of December, I spent it in Abu Dhabi, the Emirates, where the weather is exactly the right amount for my T-shirt.

  • At 24 latitude and 54 longitude for six months every year, the Sun and the Earth are aligned to create the perfect temperature in this part of Pplanet Earth.

  • 26 Celsius degrees on average, 1 degree above room temperature.

  • So instead of freezing in New York with minus 10 degrees, in this part of Planet Earth, the weather is actually good in the winter.

  • The only rain you will see is this.

  • OK.

  • I did lie.

  • It does get really cold in here, but only before sunrise, because for the rest of the day, the sun is out and the weather is warm again.

  • Scientifically speaking, what makes people happy is not just friends and not just family.

  • It's also rays of the sun that are full of Vitamin D.

  • But honestly, temperature doesn't matter.

  • It's the dryness that matters.

  • Abu Dhabi desert weather is dry, which means water evaporates really fast and so does your sweat.

  • So you can spend the whole time in the middle of the desert at noon without any fear of sweating or smelling.

  • I love the weather, it's perfect.

  • It's perfect.

  • We all say happiness comes from the inside, and that's true.

  • But happiness also comes from the outside, and the weather affects our happiness and sadness more than we think.

  • Good weather can make you happy.

  • Bad weather can make you sad.

  • And if that's the case, find yourself a weather that makes you happy.

Be careful of the SAD syndrome because right now you may have it.

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