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  • Our course is really practical, so we've not been able to go into uni.

  • It's vital as a medical student that you have face-to-face teaching.

  • With another lockdown, thousands of students can't get to their campus or use the resources at their university, but none of them will be getting a discount on their tuition fees.

  • I'm supposed to be learning physical examination and I have a paper document to learn it from now.

  • Last year, Bournemouth university implemented a "no detriment" policy, meaning students would not receive a grade lower than their previous average.

  • However, this year they have refused to give us that policy again.

  • As a collective of students, we confronted our tutors.

  • And asked whether we could have a bursary to help us cover this.

  • And their answer was 'no', because we have resource is available to us for free.

  • But our argument was that we've not got that available to us right now.

  • And what do you think will happen?

  • Err...nothing.

  • I myself busier than ever with my uni work but the quality and quantity of the teaching and support I have received is, in my opinion, at the lowest standard ever.

  • Something needs to change.

  • Both sides are suffering and both sides require a shift in attitude from our government, our health secretary and education secretary.

  • ( It is up to universities to decide how to assess students' achievements. Concerns can be raised with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator. )

  • ( We offer a range of support to make sure learning doesn't suffer. Students who need support should contact our AskBU service. )

  • ( It's up to the government which courses are counted as essential. We provide support and equipment for students like Izzy to use at home. )

Our course is really practical, so we've not been able to go into uni.

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