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  • Hello.

  • This is search history with John Batouti's I have my Search history here and let's see what I'm checking out.

  • But pizza near me pep arise.

  • I want my pizza with no Corona and give me 6 ft Oh shucks.

  • So pizza near me.

  • You know, you gotta find the pizza.

  • I'm playing the piano and then I look up and I'm like, Man, I'm hungry.

  • I've been playing for, like, 17 hours straight.

  • No sleep on the water.

  • I should eat some pizza.

  • So then I go pizza near me and the phone tells me where the pizza is.

  • Then the pizza man shows up and I give him the money or I have the credit card number is there?

  • So then it just I'm eating the pizza anyway.

  • John Curtis, basketball team So that John Curtis basketball team, my nephew made the basketball team.

  • It's amazing I when I was in middle school, he's 11, Um, and he made the basketball team, and when I was in middle school, I didn't make the junior varsity team, so I'm so proud.

  • I'm living vicariously through him, and I wanted to give him a gift of some basketball shoes that match the uniforms that they have.

  • So I looked up the This was before the holidays.

  • I looked up the team, see the jerseys, makes sense.

  • People get ready lyrics the great Curtis Mayfield People get ready.

  • You look up lyrics for me.

  • I I look up lyrics and I like to read the lyrics as I'm listening to the song.

  • I did a great version of this song with some friends of mine, and it was actually, uh, Sabah Relus and Emily King.

  • So check out our version.

  • Check out Curtis's version.

  • That's a good search.

  • I like that.

  • Maybelline by Chuck Berry.

  • Okay, so Chuck Berry Chuck Berry's lyrics I'm gonna go on the record.

  • I'm gonna say he's the greatest rock and roll lyricist of all time, even even the Christmas song Run Rudolph.

  • Run.

  • Look at the lyrics to that song.

  • Boy, Child, what is he talking about?

  • But it feels so good.

  • It makes so much sense.

  • Chuck Berry, The pen, the pen that Chuck Berry The pen game is just, uh uh, I'm in the last four words Leo DiCaprio or we have the same birthday.

  • November 11.

  • Buddy were born on the same day, and I think that there's there's a lot of interesting things about birthdays.

  • I've been looking at different people's birthdays and trying to find similarities.

  • Are we the same?

  • I think we might be long Lost brothers Toy Story.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • So when I watched Soul, I went toe watch toy story again because that was the first picks off film that I saw.

  • It was like a kid.

  • That was like, Man, this is amazing on you heard, uh, on I was like, Man, that's killing Now.

  • I got my version of that in the movie.

  • I was like, Woo hoo!

  • Come on.

  • Yeah.

  • Dream dream.

  • Your dreams come true.

  • Okay.

  • Where the stream soul?

  • No, not your soul.

  • Not disembodied metaphysical identity of your being that exists in many different religious traditions.

  • The film Seoul.

  • I wanted to tell people where to watch the film.

  • I had the pleasure working on this film with Pixar Dream come true and a lot of people wanted to watch it.

  • So I was searching where to watch it.


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