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  • (fireworks explode)

  • This is the scene where we first see

  • Daphne and Simon decide to form this alliance

  • and play as though they're courting each other

  • throughout the season.

  • At first, we hear these swells

  • and this loud percussion that started with the fireworks.

  • The first few fireworks that we see and are really

  • meant to heighten the looks that they're getting

  • and as we see these fireworks in the background,

  • that percussion is hitting with those fireworks

  • and some of those swells are hitting with the fireworks.

  • And overall, this whole section

  • is really building off of Daphne's theme

  • that we heard earlier in the episode.

  • The first time we heard this was when she's presented

  • in front of the queen and it's called flawless my dear.

  • And it's really to kind of showcase

  • her anxiety and anticipation,

  • and it really helped with this build the entire time.

  • So as they're approaching the dance floor here,

  • we start to hear a second countermelody that's coming in

  • that starts to hint at their theme together.

  • Still, for the most part

  • we're focusing on just Daphne's theme.

  • Some of those high swells have died down

  • and now there's a bit more of a foundation being built,

  • but still everything's growing and building anticipation

  • as they're about to start their dance.

  • - [Simon] Here.

  • Closer.

  • For this to work, we must appear madly in love.

  • - It is an absurd plan.

  • - [Simon] But I find it quite brilliant.

  • Why do you not wish to marry me?

  • - [Kris] And right here, as soon as they start dancing

  • the theme comes in really loudly and boldly

  • and it's incredibly sweeping

  • and it's really the first time that we're ever

  • hearing what their theme is,

  • and Daphne's theme is continuing

  • so much so that the secondary melody you're hearing here

  • is an early theme for Daphne

  • that we also heard in the presentation scene

  • but it's a countermelody to their theme together now.

  • And what was really fun about this was

  • how to keep this pace going,

  • keep the anticipation going while at the same time

  • hitting a lot of these wide shots of them.

  • See with the fireworks,

  • making sure that it feels as grand as all this

  • also wanting to feel as though they're dancing to the piece

  • somewhat rhythmically and just kind of making sure we feel

  • as excited and overwhelmed as we think,

  • you know especially as Daphne feels in this moment.

  • - [Lady Whistledown] It appears Miss Daphne Bridgerton

  • has kept the interest of the newly returned,

  • Duke of Hastings.

  • - [Kris] It's also fun just to see how much we're musically,

  • just with the two of them

  • and really, totally, enwrapped in how they feel

  • and really just wanting to feel how

  • happy Simon and Daphne are

  • at least how happy we are

  • to see them go into this union together

  • - [Lady Whistledown] It is I,

  • yours truly,

  • Lady Whistledown.

(fireworks explode)

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The Backdrop with Composer Kris Bowers | Bridgerton | Netflix

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