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I wanna be a guy.
Just a normal guy...
But stuck in this web of line.
I just wanna do normal thing.
like say Hello
I'm lucky that I have a disguise.
I have no problem walking into rooms of thousands and thousands of radioactive spiders.
Bite me, bite me makes it hurt.
Mix my DNA with yours. Let me be a freak that is the city needs.
Let's why they call me...
I do my homework when I can.
People said I am a mad man
Your friendly neighborhood SPIDERMAN.
I'm an awkward kind of skills
So i made a suit
It's skin tighten also red and blue.
and I also made a mask
that I never wear
How else could people know it's me?
This bad guy tried to win and this time is more embarrassing...Please make me work a little harder
Shock me, shock me, I'm so scared.
Please just let my life be spared.
Oh wait..It looked like you should have come with more prepare.
That's why they call me SPIDERMAN.
Let's hope I don't fail my exam.
Don't forget kicking bad guys ass... butt...
Your friendly neighborhood, SPIDERMAN.
Oh no. There's Mary Jane. So back in and get a picture without looking like a creap
She's got me spotted senses tingling and this changes everything.
Hey bae... They call me Spiderman.
Cuz I could do what a spider can.
Pick me up. I'm on the world wide web.
Wait... you mean the Internet, right?
Or Facebook... you could add me on Facebook.
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Official Parody

4029 Folder Collection
cindychen0729 published on July 16, 2014    cindychen0729 translated
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