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  • perched on the edge of Utah's soaring punts again plateau and four hours northeast of Las Vegas is Bryce Canyon National Park and ever changing landscape of soaring pinnacles, bottomless chasms, lofty woodlands and forests of stones.

  • Yeah, despite its name, this wild panorama of sandstone and sky is not a canyon.

  • It is a collection of natural amphitheaters forged by colossal movements of the earth's crust 16 million years ago.

  • Ever since the unrelenting forces of water, wind and frost have carved the Finns Hollows and hoodoos that punctuate this otherworldly wilderness, The plateau has long sustained human habitation, with many Native American tribes hunting and gathering here throughout millennia, most recently the Southern Pay Ute.

  • The parks name comes from Mormon settler Ebeneezer Bryce, who began ranching in the area in 18 70.

  • The geological labyrinth proved problematic for the cattlemen, and Ebeneezer soon relocated, famously declaring that the amphitheater was, ah, hell of a place to lose a cow.

  • Most travelers start their journey at Old Bryce Town to stock up on provisions and feel the spirit of the Old West, head into the heart of the park and stop by the visitor center to get all your information about Bryce Canyon.

  • From maps and itinerary planners to road and weather condition updates from here.

  • Follow the Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive, which runs the length of the park.

  • Aziz.

  • Most trailheads and overlooks are on the roads Eastern side.

  • Many travelers drive to the southernmost point first tow.

  • Avoid crossing traffic.

  • Get every stop on the return journey for cruise along at your own pace by car or climb aboard the regular shuttle bus that runs throughout the summer season.

  • Park your car at Rainbow Point and from the look out, cast your gaze north to the dramatic landscapes stretching out before you.

  • Then be immersed in the fresh scent of spruce and fir as you follow the bristlecone loop to yo VIP.

  • Appoint the highest viewpoint in the park.

  • From here, the grand staircase stretches out before you, continuing all the way to the border of Arizona and on clear days to the edge of Grand Canyon National Park.

  • After beginning your return journey north, taking more spectacular views at Black Birch Canyon, where the earth below plummets into a narrow ravine boarded by sandstone fins and eroded rock pillars known as hoodoos.

  • Each viewpoint along The scenic drive provides a new and spectacular perspective of the parks.

  • Ethereal landscape Continue north.

  • Two Ponderosa agua canyons were even mawr.

  • Gargantuan statues sculpted by the hands of time await, according to Southern Pollute Legend.

  • A race of selfish, disrespectful creatures once lived in the canyon, fed up trickster God.

  • Coyote turned them all to stone, and they're petrified.

  • Bodies became the eerie hoodoos that adorn these amphitheaters.

  • The plateau is an ever changing canvas, and Mother Nature's work is never complete.

  • Even the most monolithic formations are vulnerable to her.

  • Unrelenting hands at natural bridge gaze down through the arch once a solid wall of rock slowly eroded away by the hands of time.

  • A further five minutes north at aptly named Far Viewpoint taken the soaring panoramas of Bryce Canyon and Grand Staircase National Monument, then follow the short trail to piracy point for even mawr.

  • Sweeping vistas a little further north stand on the lip of the park's namesake Bryce Canyon, a spectacular six square mile amphitheater.

  • There are multiple viewpoints along its edge, which are accessible by car and shuttle, or by hiking all or part of the epic 11 mile rim trail at Bryce Point, cast your gaze down at a labyrinth of orange, glowing drip castles and west toward the canyons wall of windows.

  • Then follow the rim trail through ancient bristlecone and Ponderosa pines before emerging at the sheer cliff face of inspiration Point.

  • Continue along the rim trail or drive to Sunset Point and stare off the edge into a sea of jagged crimson spires.

  • From Sunset Point, the iconic and Navajo Loop Trail descends through towering fins and pinnacles into the amphitheater.

  • We've your way down through the soaring corridor of Wall Street and then Paston unstow ring huddle of hoodoos known as the Silent City.

  • If you've got the time, extend your hike on the Queen's Garden trail.

  • Wander through mystical passageways into a cluster of hoodoos where formation, bearing an uncanny likeness to Queen Victoria, presides over her garden of stone.

  • Yeah, then begin your ascent up to Sunrise Point on the rim trail.

  • If you choose not to hike down into the amphitheater, follow the paved stretch of the rim trail from Sunset Point to sunrise point.

  • This section of trail is wheelchair and stroller friendly and offers some of the most awe inspiring views of Bryce Canyon Aziz, you gaze out at this ever changing canvas of sunset colored spires, coral fins on terra cotta cliff faces you will take in the work of hundreds of millions of years in a single glance.

  • This is a place where glorious scale will make you feel small on.

  • There is something truly humbling and liberating about that.

  • So come walk beneath the shadows of giants and stand upon the towering shoulders of nature at Bryce Canyon National Park.

perched on the edge of Utah's soaring punts again plateau and four hours northeast of Las Vegas is Bryce Canyon National Park and ever changing landscape of soaring pinnacles, bottomless chasms, lofty woodlands and forests of stones.

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