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  • So the proud boys are a group there?

  • A most people say, a male chauvinist group, uh, set up in 2016.

  • They call themselves Western Show Organists.

  • Um there, certainly male dominated, dominated they back then and now They seem to want to contest what they perceive as has the sort of constraints of political correctness and so forth on doctrinaire political correct correctness.

  • And and they want to tweak people.

  • Enrique Torrio stepped in as their leader in 2018 when they voted him in and he's been, he's been the sort of real face of it since then.

  • We reported on an old court transcript from 2014 that had never been reported on before where, UM, a federal prosecutor, Ontario's old lawyer and an FBI agent all discussed ways in which Enrique Torrio at the time had helped law enforcement.

  • They said it helped law enforcement and federal law enforcement, they said, had repeatedly gone undercover, evidently after he had been arrested on a on a medical related, uh, charge in 2012.

  • So it raised a lot of questions.

  • It talked about him as a as a cooperate and extensive cooperator the transcript is his lawyer calls him a prolific cooperator with law enforcement, and we thought that was quite interesting, given what's going on now.

  • Many people have seen him leading leading these rallies and thes confrontations.

  • He's, you know, the deprived boys sometimes have with with, you know, well, what do they perceive, what they believe to be antifa, which is the the group they've often tried.

  • Thio go after he's facing charges here in in D.

  • C.

  • As we did report one.

  • Hey, uh, confessed publicly on social media, he said he burned this BLM banner and there's videotape of that happening.

  • Andi.

  • He announced that on social media when he arrived in D.

  • C.

  • On January 4th.

  • He was quickly arrested by the D.

  • C.

  • Police, and they charged him with that, which is a misdemeanor, and they also charge him with possession of to sort of high capacity gun magazines, which are illegal in Washington, D.

  • C.

  • A.

  • They banned magazines that hold more than more than 10 rounds each, and these had 30 rounds each, and so he's facing charges right now.

  • So, uh, on and but there in d.

  • C.

  • What happened was as soon as he went to court, the judge said.

  • A part of his, you know, his release packages.

  • He had to leave D.

  • C and go back to Florida, and he can't come back here until he has to deal with the court appearance or or deal with his lawyer.

So the proud boys are a group there?

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