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  • Bex: Hey, guys. It's Bex here. I'm here with my friend, Amanda Russell. She's joining me

  • today for a four-minute meditation. I am going to teach her (and you!) the basics of meditation

  • because you, Amanda, have never meditated. Amanda: The viewers on my channel are not

  • even going to believe. Bex: Ready?

  • Amanda: Ready. Bex: I want you to get started by comfortable

  • seat on your floor on the couch, wherever you are. We just happen to be on my awesome

  • lotus meditation pillows today in Amanda's beautiful New York City apartment. You can

  • cross your legs. You can put one foot in front of the other -- whatever is comfortable for

  • you. You never want to be physically strained during meditation.

  • We're going to get started with just an easy four-minute meditation. Four minutes it all

  • you need. It's just about re-centering and connecting with yourself and your breath.

  • Nothing fancy-schmancy. If you can breathe, you can meditate.

  • We're going to start the timer. Are you ready? Amanda: Ready.

  • Bex: Sit up nice and tall. We're going to inhale our shoulders up to our ears. Then

  • exhale. Roll your shoulder blades down your back. You can place your hands lightly on

  • your thighs, or upturned to receive the energy around you. It depends on how you want to

  • feel today. I'm feeling like I want to be energized.

  • Go ahead and close your eyes and just start to pay attention to your breath. You don't

  • have to have big, deep inhales or exhales. We're just trying to follow the natural rhythm

  • of our breathing. The key to being centered and to connect with

  • yourself is just to pay attention. Just focus on what you're doing in the moment. Be here

  • now. There are all different types of meditation.

  • There's mantra meditation. There's prayer meditation. Today we're going to do a sort

  • of mantra meditation -- something that I learned from a teacher of mine, David G., and we're

  • going to call it the "I am" meditation. In our daily lives, we say so many things

  • about ourselves: "I am strong." "I'm weak." "I'm hungry." "I'm fast." "I'm slow." "I'm

  • tired." "I'm broke." Today we're just going to focus on the "I am."

  • With your next inhale, I want you to think the word "I" as I say it: I.... And exhale

  • "am..." Continue your slow inhales and exhales, making sure that the length of your breaths

  • are identical. So if you inhale for a long four-count, exhale and do the same, always

  • focusing on those two words, "I am..." because that's all you need to be.

  • There are many different versions of this. You can just say simply, "Inhale...exhale.

  • Count one, two; exhale three, four." Your only mission is to breathe, to be in the moment,

  • and to focus on the words of your mantra. " am so powerful." I added that

  • in: "I am so powerful." How are you doing, Amanda?

  • Amanda: Great. So powerful. Bex: Am I taking you out of the moment?

  • Remember to always keep your focus on your breath. If you find your thoughts floating

  • elsewhere, pretend it's a balloon and just bounce it right out of your head. Grocery

  • list? Bam! It's gone. Amanda: Don't remind me.

  • Bex: We're almost there. Let's take one big inhale and exhale together...exhale. Hummmm...Inhale

  • to open your eyes...and that's it! You meditated! Amanda: Finish line!

  • Bex: That was so easy, right? Amanda: Yeah, that was good. I almost fell

  • asleep. That was awesome. Bex: Do not be intimidated by meditation.

  • If you can just take four minutes out of your day, go hide in the bathroom, your bathroom,

  • or even in your car, and take the time to focus on your breath, to center yourself,

  • and to remind yourself that you are -- "I am" -- here, and how awesome is that? Then

  • you have declared victory over the day! Thank you so much for joining me for another

  • four-minute meditation. If you have anything that you're struggling with in your life,

  • you can go head and comment below and I'll make a custom meditation for you.

  • Remember, if you want to more information, visit me at and Amanda at?

  • Amanda: Bex: Right on. Love you, guys. See you around.

  • Amanda: Bye, guys. Bex: Thank you to Amanda for being such an

  • awesome sport. For more information on me or Amanda, head on over to using

  • the blog link in the video description below. Of if you want to check out our latest workout,

  • which I know you do, click on the thumbnail on the left. For another meditation -- this

  • one happens to be on weight loss -- click on the thumbnail on the right. See you around!

Bex: Hey, guys. It's Bex here. I'm here with my friend, Amanda Russell. She's joining me

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Basic Meditation for Beginners with Amanda Russell - You Have 4 Minutes - BEXLIFE

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