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  • Hi, I'm Mary Ann Shirts.

  • I'm executive vice president of Stratford University.

  • We're located right outside of Washington, D.

  • C.

  • In Falls Church, Virginia.

  • We have about 2000 students, approximately 50% or international and the students that come to us from many countries.

  • But they like Stratford University for many reasons.

  • One of them is because we are a small university.

  • We give a lot more attention to our students than perhaps, um, they may at a huge university.

  • We have a lot of student activities that involved the international students.

  • We have an international student population and club.

  • They have activities several times a year.

  • Um, we also have a diverse cultural community in our area in northern Virginia.

  • We have about 91 languages spoken there.

  • So no matter where you're from, there is a community for you in our northern Virginia in D C populated area.

  • The reason we have everyone take the Tofel test is because that is one of the tests that we use to decide if you have the English proficiency that we need at the university.

  • We do require a score of 61 and I have found that students, if they just, uh, take some English preparation.

  • They can pass it really without too much trouble.

  • So 61 is our cut off.

  • Once you enter the university, we have everyone, um, taken English enrichment class and you could test out of it.

  • But generally, what we do is to evaluate on site your skills, your writing skills and your speaking skills.

  • And if you need extra help, we have you participate in it.

  • It's, uh, at no charge to the student, and it it's just a another benefit of coming to Stratford.

Hi, I'm Mary Ann Shirts.

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