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  • yoga is all about using your body to explore the limits of space.

  • And in New York City there isn't very much space to begin with.

  • But you've got to make peace.

  • What you've got.

  • My name is Tina, and I run a yoga studio out of my one bedroom apartment, which I share with my roommate.

  • Yoga is freeing.

  • This practice is about looking with limitations, to find freedom.

  • Yoga helps us get out of our comfort zone and eliminate boundaries because life doesn't have boundaries.

  • Some people think it's odd to do this kind of work out of your home, but I find the constraints inspiring.

  • Infinite possibility can be paralyzing.

  • But the mind really gets creative in a defined space, people try to separate their lives into categories.

  • This is my work life.

  • This is my personal life.

  • But those are false.

  • Delineations separation exists Onley in the mind.

  • I truly believe that teaching yoga in my own home has given me greater control over my body and mind.

  • Sorry, photographs capture the most formative moments of our lives.

  • Positive or negative.

  • My job is to document that special day when one becomes too.

  • I'm Tom Bert and I'm a divorce photographer.

  • For a lot of people today, their divorces finalizes the new happiest day of their life.

  • They feel reborn, unshackled from the years of resentment and lies.

  • Encourage people to get personal vulnerable before we get to the I don't sometimes a couple of I'll return to the location of their first big fight to rekindle that energy.

  • Occasionally we have to deal with the divorces I love.

  • But who doesn't get a little crazy when planning their first divorce?

  • There's no wedding party, but there are lawyers.

  • They're often more enthusiastic than any maid of honor I've ever seen.

  • E argue that the globe returning to a woman's eyes after a long and sexless marriage, is more beautiful than a sunset.

  • Reconciliation does happen, and when it does, I'll capture it.

  • Those photos don't go on the website, and I charge double.

  • Yeah, it's just gonna give up like that.

  • And I've even watched divorce a surprise their ex, by bringing a new lover to shoot, couldn't wait to see It's going on, man, Will you marry me?

  • Oh yeah, they say, Don't put your elbows on the table.

  • But what about the peoples of Oh, my name's Raj and I found a rage restaurant, America's premier spot for settling scores.

  • Or, if you're anything like me, you ain't having to use your library boys while arguing in public.

  • That's why I open.

  • This restaurant is a place for putting motherfuckers in check before you asked for the check.

  • The menu has plenty of starters to what your temperature all of our China is made out of.

  • Sugar on the flatware has been doled as well.

  • This makes it so that customers could go full rage mode were incredibly diligent about filling up your three glasses of water.

  • So you always have something to splash.

  • Whether it's business disagreements, breakup or just pop culture, we've got you covered.

  • It all started when I realized I was a bit more of a Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen.

  • Then I thought, I figured, Why fight it?

  • You know the kids and specializes in purely saw foods, ensuring that your meal has the satisfying impact for a proper food fight.

  • Though I do wish people would actually eat the food, it's surprisingly good for how aerodynamic it is on.

  • Of course, our servers double referees that can step in and moderate at a moment's notice.

  • Or if you don't have anyone to pick a fight with.

  • They're trained in ultra violent communication and are adept at role play situations.

  • Or you could just slap him.

  • We do have a very strict policy, no makeup make outs whatsoever.

  • And at the end of your visit, we always make sure that the bill is incorrect.

  • Just to make sure you get one last good yelling match stuff in the house with There was one about dark.

  • It's not want to read Star Wars?

  • Star Wars experience it in the movie better than the movies, slightly better than the movies.

  • You think you're starting your star, man?

  • I don't even need them.

  • I know because my mini corn is 42,000.

  • I don't need I see perfectly fine.

  • It's just a new image thing.

yoga is all about using your body to explore the limits of space.

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