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  • Fuuuuu...

  • uuuuu...

  • uuuuu...

  • uuuck!

  • Swear words.

  • They're the most popular and alluring taboos we have.

  • But the secrets to their strange power

  • have been shrouded in mystery...

  • until now.

  • Join me on a journey through the history, evolution,

  • and cultural impact

  • of swear words.

  • Words don't start out as swear words.

  • {\an8}They're just words.

  • Somebody decided, at some point,

  • that this is a swear word.

  • There's an acronymic etymology...

  • "Fornication Under Consent of the King"

  • This household has been given my consent

  • to fuuuu--!

  • It is total horseshit.

  • Imagine that you've been called

  • the worst thing you could be called so often

  • that it doesn't mean anything to you anymore.

  • Taking that negative and inverting it.

  • What's the intention of the speaker?

  • And what's the reception of the hearer?

  • My dog's a bitch, but I never call her that.

  • Who you calling a bitch?

  • I call her a cunt.

  • There's something innately human about swearing.

  • More conservative people try and invalidate

  • people they disagree with

  • by like pointing to their language.

  • Parental Advisory to me was...

  • implicitly racist.

  • Who's deciding these are bad words?

  • Who did it?

  • We're gonna do an experiment.

  • There are scientific studies

  • that say that that you feel better when you swear.

  • You can hold your hand

  • in a bucket of nearly freezing water....

  • Shit.

  • about 50% longer if you're swearing...

  • Shit.

  • than if you're not.

  • Motherfu--

  • Shit.

  • Shit!

  • I think there's a need now for swearing

  • and profanity more than any other time.

  • -Two minutes and 20 seconds. -Ahh!

  • The power of cursing, like it's important.

  • The release, that's really what profanity gives us.

  • Ah, shit.

  • Bitch.

  • Fuck!

  • Damn.

  • Pussy.

  • Dick.

  • I'm Nicolas Cage.

  • Let's get fucked.


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