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  • e don't really like snakes.

  • Don't like him either.

  • Please, Mr Dundee, I'm not really crocodile done to.

  • You know, it's the character I play in the movies and have that thing on the barbecue tonight.

  • Oops, I have news.

  • The Cream of England wants to bestow you with a knighthood, for you have the most successful independent film in history.

  • I'm just gonna say one word.

  • Hugs.

  • I was nominated for an Academy Award once.

  • It could have been acting.

  • No offense.

  • Ah, legend returns.

  • Hogan, Hogan, Hogan.

  • I love him.

  • She loved you.

  • Thought I thought Paul Hogan was already dead.

  • Did.

  • And he's out to prove.

  • We asked where the man from down under have been hiding.

  • You have a knife, that mine's bigger.

  • That's not the line.

  • Yes, and that's not the law.

  • Have been doing this for 20 years.

  • I think I'd know his legacy is mawr than a crock.

  • I told the studio we take a meeting.

  • We want to introduce your son, A Dundee Jr.

  • We have just the actor.

  • Will Smith Way Know what you're thinking?

  • Yeah, he's too old.

  • No, that's not what I'm thinking.

  • Yeah, maybe you just try and behave.

  • Come on, boy.

  • Crocodile Dundee Star Paul Hogan tried to strangle a child today.

  • Dad, you know no one thinks this stuff right?

  • Put me on one of them tonight.

  • Chose Wow.

  • Hello, Livy.

  • I'm doing this charity thinking at my neighbors school.

  • I need a favor.

  • You better shape because I need a man.

  • What the hell is there?

  • My heart is set on you Get out!

  • Damn state!

  • Yeah!

  • Oh, you're going to hell now, Buddy.

  • Paul Hogan, Jacob Lordy, Chevy Chase.

  • Olivia Newton John and John Cleese on, please.

  • I don't have my driver's license.

  • Just tell him you left it at home.

  • No, I don't have a driving license.

  • You threw a deadly snake.

  • 1/5 grade teacher attempted to beat up two Children and knocked Avenue.

  • What am I forgetting here?

  • Very excellent, Mr Dundee.

  • What it means to be nosy, John, But what happened?

  • After all, you're successful, you know, alimony, party, drugs, gambling, prostitutes.

  • No, no, I'm being city.

e don't really like snakes.

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