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  • tell me what you saw.

  • Please.

  • I couldn't see him.

  • I could feel him, his hands around my neck.

  • I grew up on ambling movies, and they made movies that were very scary, and they weren't afraid to scare Children.

  • E feel like Jacob.

  • Our writer director is kind of continuing in that tradition.

  • Having the opportunity to work with Henson was just this perfect marriage.

  • They can create emotion and really bring a character to life.

  • And so it was a challenge for everybody that come together and make it way scarier than they've ever made anything before.

  • Oliver has trouble communicating with his parents and, as a result, spend a lot of time on his phone.

  • One day, this story book shows up on his phone about this creature named Larry.

  • I am Larry.

  • When I was working at um, Ensign Creature Shop, we had designed this character of Larry.

  • We were given a bunch of references and artwork, the benefit of having a puppet on set.

  • It's great, and you can tell from the actors so they have a character to act with rather than an idea of a character.

  • It really helps so much toe have their performance in the scene with us came up to set.

  • And I just saw this giant, massive creature and thought it was extremely creepy.

  • Made me feel like a kid again.

  • Stay away from my son.

  • He just wants a friend.

tell me what you saw.

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