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  • Welcome to the Secret Society training program.

  • The Secret Society is a special group of second born Royals who are not the heirs to the throne but in fact, the defenders of their kingdom.

  • So when they're selected, they realize they have superhuman abilities that make them pretty extraordinary.

  • My character, Sam, her whole life, she's been rebelling against being royalty because she feels like it's just a meaningless title.

  • And then she begins initiation into the secret society of second born Royals.

  • Your abilities are unique to you alone.

  • Sam.

  • Superpower is heightened ability to hear and see and smell things I love to.

  • My tumor is able to control people with his mind powers.

  • E never meant that he could make people do whatever he says.

  • Greatest power ever.

  • And that's a super cool power.

  • I have to realize that actions do have consequences and things that I say can affect other people.

  • Come on lifted tail.

  • Super power is the ability to control insects, manipulate the way they act and move kind of commands them what to do, and they do it.

  • Roxanna is both the princess and a social media influencer.

  • Guys, I just lost my thumb text with my thumb.

  • That's your power.

  • Invisibility.

  • And so she kind of hates her power at first because the prospect of being invisible it means that no one can see her and give her attention.

  • When January touches the person with the superpower, they lose their palace.

  • So whoever I touched last, you take away the power and it becomes yours.

  • Professor James Morrow can multiply, so that is very clever when teaching, but also when in battle.

  • One of my favorite sequences in the movie is when they go into this training facility and they start.

  • Thio tried to figure out what their powers are.

  • We had stuck training as a cast before we started filming.

  • It helped get into character, sort of having these physicality.

  • Is this a really fun process?

  • And the kids were all really pumped like train and learn all the choreography.

  • The best part about the training sequencing was before all the amounts of training that had to go into it.

  • That was probably the most fun part.

  • Us having to learn and having to run up walls do jumps off things so much fun.

  • What's there not to love about this movie?

  • There's cool stunts, There's action.

  • There's comedy that's cool for all ages.

Welcome to the Secret Society training program.

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Character Powers and Stunts Featurette | Secret Society of Second-Born Royals | Disney+

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