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  • free to go.

  • I play Eddie Palmer, who comes back home from 12 years of being in prison to find everything a bit different.

  • You just gotta get yourself back out there.

  • So many people are just discarded after they come out of prison.

  • You're all use a player two years in the road.

  • Yes, sir.

  • If I can't get a job sweeping floors, what am I supposed to dio?

  • While trying to find myself?

  • I'd stumble upon Sam.

  • There's something seriously wrong with a kid.

  • I think I can smash that a boil.

  • His mama took off again.

  • Sam's mother is battling a pretty extreme drug addiction.

  • You wouldn't know where Shelly is.

  • Your guess is as good as mine.

  • You shoot can hang on to him for love belong.

  • Hey, Palmer, you have this kid who's just content in being who he is.

  • He's just does what feels natural.

  • He dresses a certain way, and he's very comfortable in his own skin.

  • Quite an outfit X.

  • My character sees that he can make a difference in this child's life.

  • You think maybe we ought to put something else in there today, grab that little for bread and finds his way through that action.

  • Sam, I'm doing good.

  • Uh huh.

  • Really good.

  • This'll boy gives Palmer self esteem.

  • Really?

  • Palmer gives this boy a father who did this to you.

  • Sam, It's okay.

  • You could tell us.

  • What do you todo beat up everyone that picks on him?

  • You ain't nothing but a criminal.

  • You just couldn't stay out of trouble.

  • Could you be?

  • Oh, it's about the possibility of someone who, through adversity, can come out the other side and be better for it.

  • I know what it feels like to be left alone.

  • I will not abandon that boy.

  • This is a story about redemption, acceptance and love.

  • Second, chances are possible, and you can be whoever you wanna be.

free to go.

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