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  • sir.

  • Look at the Capitol.

  • Leo.

  • You must have really messed up if they sent you to Leo.

  • What a shot.

  • Do you know why you're here?

  • Because I broke chain of command.

  • Jewish heart.

  • He's not like us.

  • Yeah, your your commanding officer.

  • Let me give you 60 seconds to deal with it.

  • Yes, sir.

  • Yeah.

  • Cool.

  • What are you?

  • A I a Gump Say I I'm a prototype of my existence is classified, but I can't do this alone.

  • I need someone who could think outside the box.

  • That's why you're here.

  • I chose you.

  • You got a picture of him.

  • I'm not even having this cops.

  • It's fair game, rookie.

  • She's a hottie.

  • Congratulations.

  • Thank you.

  • Hey, my gummy bear.

  • Oh, my gummy bear.

  • Please tell me what you know in front of him.

  • You could trust him.

  • He's a your informants.

  • Listen, I'm a combat soldier, but I feel more than you think.

  • I can't do this with eyes.

  • Only they put your tracker in your back.

  • Sometimes you gotta get dirty to see any real change.

  • Welcome to the war here.

  • I'm scared for myself.

  • Yeah, it just seems a bit beyond protocol for whatever you are nuts.

  • Say, now I need you to trust me, Harp.

  • What would you do with so much power?

  • We can be good allies in extreme situations.

  • I have the ability to break the rules just like you.

  • What's going on, Harvey?

  • I removed this fail safe breach of what?

  • If your war machine turns against you?

  • Why should I can?

  • How long do you think you'll survive out here on your own?

  • What are you using me for?

  • Do you trust me?

  • Way?


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