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  • - Hey guys.

  • My name's Jefferson White.

  • I play Jimmy on Paramount Network's Yellowstone,

  • and this is Welcome to the Yellowstone

  • (rock music)

  • We're gonna do 10 episodes.

  • You can watch it on YouTube.

  • We'll have some guests.

  • There'll be some behind the scenes stuff.

  • I'm a part of the show, but more than anything,

  • I'm just a big fan of the show,

  • so I'm really looking forward to talking with you.

  • We're gonna do a deep dive into each of the episodes

  • of Yellowstone Season One.

  • We're gonna chop 'em up.

  • We're just gonna have a good time talking

  • about all things Yellowstone.

  • (funky music)

  • We're gonna start out by doing a five minute

  • and five minutes only recap.

  • Begin.

  • I'm so confident that I'm just wasting

  • these precious seconds to show you the timer.

  • (funky music)

  • Bobby.

  • - [Bobby] Jeff, how are you doing?

  • - Talk to me about your life when you're not on Yellowstone.

  • - [Bobby] For the rest of the year,

  • I'm a real cowboy.

  • - [Woman] What was your first acting gig?

  • - Oh man, it was a play called Food Wars.

  • That was a bit of like a punny play on Star Wars

  • that my third grade class did.

  • I remember there was Split Pea 3-0

  • and I played Darth Chocolate.

  • - [Nanny] Hi, Jimmy, this is Nanny.

  • I want you to know that any time you want to put your boots

  • under my, my crap.

  • My bed is fine with me.

  • I screwed this up royally.

  • - No, you didn't, Nanny.

  • That's so kind.

  • Make sure you subscribe to Yellowstone on Facebook,

  • Instagram, and Twitter,

  • and Paramount Network on YouTube

  • so you don't miss any of it.

  • (funky music)

- Hey guys.

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'Welcome to the Yellowstone' Official Trailer | Paramount Network

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