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  • That's either.

  • It's a spaceship coming back from a planet that we hoped would be our future.

  • I have to contact them before it's too late.

  • Hey, Sanchez.

  • Yep, about a little inspiration.

  • Enjoy kids.

  • Mhm E A.

  • By journey has us returning with more answers than questions.

  • Except one question lingers in the air.

  • Our last contact with Mission Control.

  • Three weeks we've lost contact with NASA and everyone else.

  • It's just a glitch.

  • You really believe that?

  • I have to warn them about the conditions on earth.

  • Take a deep breath.

  • There is an antenna stronger than ours.

  • We get there, they'll hear us.

  • Does anyone receiving this?

  • It's gonna take a walk Outside.

  • Comes is still up.

  • My mouse.

  • Do you copy?

  • You have to get to that antenna.

  • Oh, e blush way made a promise to Our families were being us to evacuate.

  • Thinking a lot about time.

  • Why one person lives a lifetime.

  • Another only gets a few years.

  • Come in either.

  • This is Barbeau Observatory.

  • Are you receiving this?

  • Yeah.

  • Anyone out there?

  • Mhm.

That's either.

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