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  • What do you think people imagine when they picture the Cecil Hotel?

  • Is there a room here that maybe somebody hasn't died in?

  • I never got used to that. Never got used to that.

  • Throughout its history,

  • the Hotel Cecil has always had a dark persona.

  • People call itHotel Death.

  • This was a place where serial killers

  • let their hair down,

  • like Richard Ramirez,

  • who had come back covered in blood,

  • and no one's got a problem with that.

  • A hotel with a notorious past is the site of another bizarre case.

  • Elisa Lam from Vancouver, Canada, is missing.

  • The big, unanswered question is, "Where is she?"

  • The last footage that we have of her was inside the elevator.

  • That's where the case starts to go askew.

  • She kept looking outside the door.

  • Why is the elevator not going anywhere?

  • Is someone keeping her here?

  • Her hand movements are very strange and erratic.

  • Like she's conjuring a spirit.

  • It makes people wonder, "Is there something evil going on here?"

  • It just blew up.

  • In the web sleuth community, it created this feeding frenzy.

  • If it's a murder, you need a murderer.

  • You really don't have the full story.

  • She was running around trying to save her own life.

  • Bad things keep happening here, over and over again.

  • This hotel is hiding something.

  • I would've never thought what was about to happen

  • could happen.

  • This is the latest chapter in a dark history for the Cecil Hotel.

What do you think people imagine when they picture the Cecil Hotel?

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