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  • I wanted… I wanna share something with you.

  • "Like the masses, I was in awe...

  • "When I first laid eyes on all the things you are."

  • "I heard that speech...

  • "I knew we'd make noise.

  • "I just thought it'd be in the streets."

  • The Black Panthers are the single greatest threat to our national security.

  • Our counter-intelligence program must prevent the rise of a Black Messiah...

  • You're looking at 18 months for the stolen car...

  • five years for impersonating a federal officer.

  • Or you can go home.

  • What do you want?

  • Get close to Hampton.

  • The Black Panthers are forming a Rainbow Coalition...

  • of oppressed brothers and sisters of every color!

  • Neutralize him by any means necessary.

  • America's on fire right now.

  • And until that fire is extinguished...

  • ...don't nothin' else mean a damn thing.

  • Imagine what we could accomplish together.

  • We can heal this whole city.

  • You ain't tell me it was gonna be like this.

  • These ain't no terrorists.

  • We got a rat, man.

  • Does anybody else know about me?

  • -No one knows your identity. -Are you sure?

  • "We educate...

  • we nurture, we feed...

  • "And we lobby...

  • "perhaps we're here for more...

  • "than just war with these bodies."

  • "We scream...

  • "and we shout...

  • "and we live by this anthem...

  • "but is power to the people really worth that ransom?"

  • When I dedicated my life to the people, I dedicated my life.

  • You get to go out there and talk about dyin' a revolutionary death...

  • because you don't have another person growin' inside your body.

  • Anywhere there's people...

  • there's power.

I wanted… I wanna share something with you.

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B1 messiah black dedicated wanna share ain fire


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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/27
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