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  • Hi, My name is Jennifer Lacroix.

  • I'm an instructor at Boston University, and I'd like thio share with you a tip on how to synthesize your integrated spoken response for the toefel or your integrated written response for the total exam.

  • So while you're participating in the integrated section, the first thing I'll have to dio is read a short passage.

  • Usually, this is a written text composed of about 45 seconds worth of reading material.

  • Next, you'll be presented with a longer academic listening task, which can sometimes be quite challenging.

  • What I recommend is while you're listening to the listening section, try to think about whether or not the speaker is a green or disagreeing with what you read in the text.

  • Next.

  • What you want to dio is make notes for yourself using plus marks if the speaker is a green or negative marks or little dashes.

  • If you think the speaker is disagreeing, this will help you prepare in your 30 to 45 seconds before you actually start speaking or writing whether or not you should compare show similarities or contrast show differences.

  • This is an important skill for your success in both undergraduate and graduate university because this skill of synthesizing or how to do a synthesis is important for building persuasive arguments in the overall academic atmosphere.

  • That's my tip.

  • I hope that helps you out on your next hopefully fan.

Hi, My name is Jennifer Lacroix.

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