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  • Leo? You wanted to see me?

  • So there I was, thinking maybe I should give Sydney a call.

  • She's new in town, doesn't know many people.

  • Then I picked up the times.

  • Leo, it was crazy.

  • He called me at home.

  • What's going on? – Nothing.

  • It was innocent.

  • His cousin got the flu at the last minute.

  • Did you sleep with him?

  • Leo.

  • Did you sleep with him?

  • That's none of your business, Leo.

  • Yeah, it is, Sydney.

  • Well, you want to tell me how my personal life...

  • Because when it's the president, it's not personal.

  • I hired your reputation, Sydney.

  • I hired a pit bull, not a prom queen.

  • That's unfair.

  • It's incredibly unfair.

  • But you spent a lot of time over the years telling me that the trouble with the environmental lobby is that we don't understand the fundamental truth that politics is perception.

  • This is a bad time to develop ignorance.

  • You're making way too much of this.

  • Am I? This is your time, Sydney.

  • You're sitting at the grownups' table.

  • You have a chance to get everything you want.

  • Run a national campaign.

  • Be a major player inside the party.

  • But this relationship had better go all the way,

  • because with the leader of the free world, there's no half-way.

  • Politics is perception, and if this doesn't work out, the amount of time it'll take you to go from a hired gun to a cocktail party joke can be clocked with an egg timer.

  • Leo, there's no relationship.

  • It was one night. It's done.

  • Mr. Solomon, this was just delivered by white house messenger.

  • It's marked perishable.

  • The white house is sending me something perishables?

  • It's for Ms. Wade.

  • Here we go.

  • Relax, Leo. I'm sure it's just a formality.

  • Of course. It's from him.

  • So he had some staff flunky send me a fruit basket.

  • He wrote the note himself.

  • I'm sure he didn't take the time...

  • The messenger said he waited in the oval office for 10 minutes while the president wrote the card.

  • Ok, listen...

  • Took him 10 minutes to write the card?

  • Apparently, he went through several drafts.

  • What is it?

  • A ham.

  • He sent me a Virginia ham.

  • Dig it, Ms. Wade. You're the President's girlfriend.

  • There's never an egg timer around when you need one.

Leo? You wanted to see me?

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The American President (5/9) Movie CLIP - Virginia Ham (1995) HD

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