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  • THE CLIENT: I would like to see the baby.


  • KUIIL: This is what was causing all the fuss?

  • THE MANDALORIAN: I think it's a child.

  • GREEF KARGA: What a precious little creature.

  • I can see why you didn't want to harm a hair

  • on its wrinkled little head.

  • THE MANDALORIAN: Ready to lay low

  • and stretch your legs for a couple

  • of months, you little womp rat?



  • STORMTROOPER 1: What is that thing, anyway?

  • STORMTROOPER 2: I don't know.

  • Maybe Moff wants to eat it.

  • I don't ask questions.

  • GREEF KARGA: I have no idea if he wants to eat

  • it or hang it on his wall.

  • He's trying to eat me!

  • THE MANDALORIAN: Spit that out.


  • IG-11: That was unpleasant.

  • I'm sorry you had to see that.

  • THE ARMORER: This is the one that you hunted then saved?


  • The one that saved me, as well.

  • GREEF KARGA: Come on, baby!

  • Do the magic hand thing!

  • [COOS]

  • THE MANDALORIAN: Stop touching things.

  • CARA DUNE: We need someone to watch that thing.

  • THE MANDALORIAN: You stay right here.

  • You stay.

  • Don't move.

  • What is it?

  • THE ARMORER: It is a foundling.

  • It is in your care.

  • You are a clan of two.

  • CARA DUNE: Take care of this little one.

  • [COOS]


THE CLIENT: I would like to see the baby.

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