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  • what made the Jets the right job for you.

  • Right now.

  • You know, it's, uh it came back to the people, um, having the opportunity to meet with Christopher, Jaime and, uh, Joe.

  • I mean, they're they're just, uh, really, really good people.

  • And just having the three ability to talk to them on, uh, go through this interview process with them.

  • Uh, e just couldn't help but feel authenticity from them.

  • And I'm I'm a big believer in that People make things work.

  • It's the people that make things move forward.

  • And when you can have three individuals like that invite you into their circle, you just can't help but feel like success is on the way around the league.

  • Though I want to get your Before you met Joe before you even got into the building as your coaching the Niners you're coaching against, Even though, you know, the Jets, even this year, early in the season.

  • I love that turkey.

  • Well, we'll get to the turf cause I'm sure.

  • Now, the Turks fine.

  • But obviously back then with.

  • But I do want to ask you, though, because you've gone around the league.

  • Obviously, you've been around the league, you put your time in.

  • But in that time, the Jets really have not been a good team and they've had problems.

  • What was your perspective of the Jets before you got to know those in charge?

  • Right now, you know, there's did it change.

  • Now they're going through the interview process, Um, and getting the chance to visit with six teams.

  • You know, you you walk into these interviews with perceptions around the league in the wave.

  • Fans talk in media and then people around the business they call just to give you a heads up.

  • And so, um, having the ability to go through these interviews, that was pretty interesting, you know, because you leave some of them and you're like, You know what?

  • Those perceptions are pretty accurate.

  • But when I walked into this place and the one thing I'll tell fans and anyone who is listening, throw away the perception, I promise you I mean these people who are in charge of this building and the people who, uh, Christopher and the Johnson family have have asked O to run this with Joe and Jaime and, uh, they're unbelievable people, and it's like I said, it's people that make this thing work.

  • And so, uh, they they display authenticity.

  • They display humility, which which I believe is a key component toe Anybody who is trying to move things forward because they're ableto listen, they're able to take in new ideas there ableto implement, uh, different aspects of what people believe thio into their overall philosophy of what they're trying to accomplish.

  • And, uh and so when you look at this organization and where it's moving, I really think it's head in the right direction.

  • One thing I do know about this organization is that they will provide you with the resource is that you need to be successful.

  • And right now you have plenty of draft equity.

  • You have plenty of salary cap space.

  • You have a basically a blank slate to kind of paint the picture that you want.

  • You know, with Joe Douglas with Christopher Johnson.

  • Um, when you look at it, you know, when I was playing here, we had this thing play like a jet and what that meant.

  • Now I know you said gas no breaks all gas.

  • But when you when you talk about and what we're talking about, when we talk about what it means to be a jet, what is your ideal?

  • What you want the Jets to be like when they step on the field, what your fans expect and style of play in type of player.

  • So, obviously the mindset of you know you guys heard it yesterday with that whole August.

  • No break in that mentality.

  • But it's all encompassing.

  • It's all a build up.

  • It's all the buildup Thio when we hit the field, the effort that we play with the technique and the fundamentals and execution and the violence that which will do it.

  • And so there is a, uh, there is a hair on fire, uh, mindset that we want with this organization, and so I don't have many cliches with regards to sayings with regards to that.

  • But what?

  • What they will have is a black and white understanding of what they're being asked to do, play in and play out, to be able to unlock all their athleticism so they can play as fast as humanly possible.

  • And I think that's all players want.

  • They don't want to think about what they have to do.

  • They want to be focused on how they have to do it in, uh, on DATs.

  • What?

  • What?

  • It's gonna be focused on not not love the violence, but we're not biting.

  • Kneecaps are.

  • We ain't doing that way have to press conference yesterday, what was yours?

  • And you had you had Jets fans ready to run through a brick wall yesterday with your press conference.

  • And then there was Dan Campbell in in Detroit, and he was talking about biting kneecaps and you know everything else like that.

  • So it is the first thing you can't say it, coach with me being from Detroit, I'm like, man, come on, man.

  • This is all Detroit need is a dude talk about bike Decaf.

  • We played the Hulk, A mania, music E.

  • I know that he's gonna do a great job.

  • I've got a lot of excitement.

  • I'm still Detroit fan from afar, so I think they're gonna have a good hands.

  • One of your most violent, most talented players is Quentin Williams.

  • And traditionally we've we've used to seeing him in a 34 type of system and go, do you do you envision or have those decisions being made about the type of defense that you're going to play or does it does that depend on the type of free agents that you're able to get in free agency and and maybe through the draft?

  • You know, I I think you'll appreciate this and that.

  • You know, most of the NFL has gone the three receiver sets anyway.

  • You know, it's, uh, most people are already deploying four down front.

  • And so when you look at this Jets team on even got like Quentin Williams, he was.

  • He was the next man up in terms of best players available for us If back in San Francisco, if, uh, Nick Bosa wasn't available and toe have toe have him like he can, he can easily do what's being asked to.

  • He's been doing it.

  • It za four down front.

  • Can you rush the passer from a 44 down front?

  • Absolutely, he can.

  • So if he can do that, then he can get off the ball, penetrated set edges in the run game and and convert run to pass and all that stuff.

  • He's just a massive body that we feel like if we move him forward at a very, very high rate, he's going to create a lot of the story.

  • He's gonna wreck games.

  • And so, um, there's gonna be guys that we move to kind of fit more of the mold of with regards to the style that we wanna play.

  • But, uh, at the end of the day, thes air professional athletes there, God's gift toe athleticism with regards to the sport of football.

  • And, uh, you can find a place for all of them.

  • You know, Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribed to ESPN plus right now.

what made the Jets the right job for you.

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