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  • in Sudan, there's a man who did the unthinkable.

  • He rescued 11 lions from death lions Not cute house cats, but really scary lions.

  • Who is he?

  • How did he save the lions?

  • And how many times did the lions attack him in the remote country off Sudan?

  • In Africa, I found Oz, man.

  • Hi.

  • I was man and I love lions.

  • One day Osman was visiting a park with his son where he saw something horrible tens off lions who were so hungry, so weak, they were literally just skin on bones.

  • These kings of the jungles were lying on the ground waiting to die.

  • E couldn't believe what I saw.

  • Why is no one feeding the lions?

  • Turns out that because off the economic crisis in Sudan, the park did not have any money left to feed the animals.

  • And so the lions were the first to go hungry in the first to die.

  • E first saw the lions.

  • It just made me so angry and so upset.

  • I thought to myself that I have to do something something really needs to be done and done fast because it's completely unacceptable.

  • So when Guzman all heard the park his own money toe, buy them food.

  • He was still turned away because he did not have permission.

  • Toe help.

  • This'll was the definition off bureaucracy.

  • I told them these lions could die tomorrow, but nobody cared.

  • But Osmond did care.

  • He took matters into his own hands and went to the Internet.

  • He took pictures off the lions, posted them on Facebook and begged the world to help.

  • And the world went crazy and responded.

  • Take me back to the jungle.

  • Millions of people took notice.

  • His post went viral all over the world.

  • And all of a sudden people in the U.

  • S.

  • Europe and Asia wanted toe help.

  • 11 lions in Sudan.

  • The whole night I couldn't sleep.

  • My phone was buzzing.

  • So many people got in touch.

  • They wanted to donate and do anything they could to help.

  • And just like that, Usman raised thousands of dollars online.

  • And with that money, he did wonders.

  • He organized a team off local volunteers.

  • Together, they fed the lions one by 1 kg off meat by kilogram, off meat, smooth.

  • But surely the lion's got their energy back.

  • It was a very hard job getting the lion's back to health because they were severely malnourished.

  • So they really needed a detailed program of getting them back into health.

  • And he didn't stop there immediately after he decided to open his own animal shelter for all animals, not just for lions.

  • So he took his own family farm, built fences around it and turned it into an animal sanctuary for all the wildlife in need in Sudan, we've been building the sanctuary for 8 to 9 months on.

  • Now we're starting to move all the lions to our place here.

  • They can run, they can play, they can enjoy life.

  • And, yes, they can eat as much as they want.

  • Hey is also helping hyenas, monkeys, Wildcats, deers and many, many more animals.

  • These animals don't have a voice way.

  • Need to be their voice for them.

  • Way need to take care of people like Guzman and everybody else who donated and help are the reason humanity is beautiful.

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in Sudan, there's a man who did the unthinkable.

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The Lion Man Of Sudan

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