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  • My favorite Detroit Lions fan is Jalen Rose.

  • Jalen, what you think of your new guy?

  • I applaud his enthusiasm.

  • He used to play for the team.

  • It was laughable to me that some people thought that Eric B.

  • Enemy will interview for our job knowing that we weren't gonna pay top dollar for a coach with that being said, I want the big fella to understand.

  • We need resuscitation.

  • This whole kick in the teeth invite at the knees were already dead.

  • We need you to bring us back to life.

  • We want one playoff game in 60 years, like Greeny like I remember when Wayne Fonts went 88 We played another one, bites the dust, and it was Gary Danielson and Eric Hipple.

  • And then Bobby Ross got the job and he wanted to put a full back in front of Barry Sanders.

  • You know what Barry did?

  • He retired.

  • We have Marty morning wig as our coach, and I remember I'll never forget watching him and Rob Marinelli play against one another.

  • And I'm like, No, no, Rob Marinelli.

  • When your Lions fan you concussed is Rob Marinelli in Jim Swartz, I'll never forget.

  • I was watching the Cowboys play against the Eagles, and both of those coordinators were being celebrated.

  • I'm thinking, Those are the last two Lions coaches and one of them went, Oh, and 16.

  • I grew 14.

  • That went, Oh, and 16.

  • So I'm just happy that he wants the job, But here's what I want him to know.

  • Lions fans like myself are die hard.

  • It's the organization that's had Lynn Barney.

  • Okay, Night Train Lane, Barry Sanders, Megatron and my selling it to him.

  • Greeny.

  • Is that a good video?

  • You don't have to sell him.

  • He's already taken the job.

  • Let's see how it goes, All right, I'm glad that you're excited.

  • At least a little.

  • It honks out and kicking out teeth feels familiar.

  • I know a lot of people who that's familiar to, and Dan Campbell wants to have a tough football team.

  • This is the way that he's expressed it.

  • He's been an interim head coach before assistant head coach in New Orleans.

  • Clearly, they wanted to give him the job.

  • So let's go take hunks out of people.

  • Yeah, and again, these air to step I 100% hear what you're saying from a separate standpoint.

  • I'm just thinking to myself, Rob Ninkovich, if that's what you're selling, you know every football team is tough.

  • If there's one thing I've learned, being around you guys my entire adult life, every football player is tough.

  • You don't need the coach talking about biting off kneecaps.

  • What did you think of that yesterday?

  • Well, the problem is the problem.

  • The problem comes to be in 2021.

  • When you have a draft pick from California.

  • He drives toe Detroit in his Tesla.

  • Uh, and you asked him to run down on kickoff bite kneecaps.

  • He's gonna respond and say, I'm a vegan.

  • I don't I don't eat meat.

  • I don't fight cats.

  • So that is That is the problem with the modern athlete in these young athletes today.

  • That old school tough guy run through break glass, hit that guy full speed by his kneecaps off.

  • We're gonna be tough.

  • Every team.

  • Look, we've We've been playing football for a long time.

  • I've heard the tough guy, the crazy rah rah stuff.

  • And at times, that just gets old.

  • You need a coach that could come in that could relate to what a young athlete is going through, and right now a young athlete comes in.

  • They're saying, What's my social media account followings in in my marketing ability.

  • Right now, they're trying to sell T shirts on social media, and they're trying to be Pro Bowlers to get paid, and they don't want to eat kneecaps.

  • I don't want a bowling kneecaps, either.

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My favorite Detroit Lions fan is Jalen Rose.

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Lions fan Jalen Rose's passionate reaction to Detroit hiring new coach Dan Campbell | Get Up

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