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  • The overwhelming story here is that to Shawn Watson wants out and is getting out of Houston.

  • And so we have put together five spots that would make sense for two Shawn Watson.

  • Clearly, practically every team in the National Football League should be desperately trying to get to Shawn Watson.

  • But these are the ones that feel likely is number five.

  • The Bears have to do everything in their power to get him the Bears, who have made all the mistakes, and they bring back the general manager this year when no one wanted them to.

  • He has a chance to right that wrong.

  • He traded up to take mixed Robiskie when DeShaun Watson was on the board.

  • He's finally got back all the draft capital.

  • He traded away for that and for Khalil Mack.

  • Trade everything.

  • You have the first round picks in 21 22 23.

  • Trade it all.

  • The Chicago Bears shouldn't have to do everything in their power to try to make to Shawn Watson, the quarterback that he should have been for them once upon a time.

  • Number four at the 40 Niners is the next one, and it's easy to see why he would want to go there.

  • I think most great young players, offensive players in the NFL wanna go play for Kyle Shanahan.

  • And the question is, does Jimmy Garoppolo continue in San Francisco?

  • Do you?

  • Are you willing to trade some of the really young superstar talent that you have on that place, particularly on your defense?

  • If the Texans want not only draft picks but star players coming back in return, the 40 Niners might be able to put together the package that matters.

  • Number three.

  • All right, Obvious Number three is the Jets, and look, Daniel, Jeremiah and Adam Schefter are playing with my emotions.

  • Daniel Jeremiah tweeted yesterday.

  • If Watson becomes available via trade, the Jets should call.

  • You could trade the second pick this year, their first in 2022 their first in 2023.

  • They have three first round picks.

  • They could trade, plus Sam Donald, and they still would have first round picks to use.

  • And then Adam Schefter quote tweeted that by saying there's no team out there better positioned than the New York Jets to put together a compelling trade package for DeShaun Watson.

  • All I'll say is guys don't do this to me.

  • My heart can't take this because obviously that would be the single best thing that's happened to the franchise in over half a century.

  • Number two at number two is Jacksonville, and I agree with what Booger said earlier.

  • The Jaguars should trade the first pick in the draft, which equals Trevor Lawrence to get to Shawn Watson.

  • And to me, if I'm Houston, that's what I want.

  • You replace a young star quarterback with another young star quarterback that your fan base will get excited about.

  • To me, that's the trade I'm making.

  • If I'm Houston, if I could get the number one overall, pick number one.

  • But number one is the Dolphins, because they also have all this draft capital they can trade, plus the quarterback.

  • Maybe Houston wants to, uh, and every indication we've gotten is that Shawn is interested in Miami.

  • So I think that feels like the likeliest scenario here is that D Shawn Watson winds up on Miami Dolphin.

  • Think about what that would mean in the A F C East, where you would have him and Josh Allen and Bill Belichick in the same division, but one way or another that, to me feels like the Green list for today.

  • Bears, Niners, Jets, Jags, Dolphins The future of DeShaun Watson hangs in the balance.

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The overwhelming story here is that to Shawn Watson wants out and is getting out of Houston.

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