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  • five construction workers have been killed in a fire at a new covert 19 vaccine production facility in India.

  • The Serum Institute factory was being built to ramp up supply of the vaccines.

  • The plant operators said the fire did not affect existing vaccine production or its stockpile well.

  • India has begun vaccinating its population of 1.3 billion people.

  • Frontline health workers are among the first to be offered the jab, but the rollout has been slow, with less than 60% of the target being met so far.

  • The government says one reason is a mistrust of vaccines that's being fueled by misinformation on social media.

  • Some people are also concerned that one of the vaccines was approved before phase three trials were completed.

  • DWS Marina Choudhary has this report for 37 year old Kita Raj.

  • It's a big day today.

  • She is going to get her first does off the covert 19 vaccine.

  • Geeta has been working as a nurse at a private hospital in Delhi for three years and has been a health worker for over 20 years.

  • Now, as a health worker during the pandemic, she has been worried about the safety off her family against the virus.

  • E.

  • I had to take utmost care at home.

  • There are little Children in our family and I was concerned about their health.

  • I had to stay in a separate room, keep my clothes and shoes separately, maintain proper hygiene, constantly use sanitizers.

  • I had to take care of the smallest things.

  • Geeta is one of the first in line in the country to receive the vaccine for the virus.

  • India is in the middle off what is being called the world's largest covered 19 immunization program.

  • In the first round of the vaccine.

  • Rule out, the government aims to vaccinate.

  • About 30 million health workers and other frontline workers to vaccine so far have been given emergency use approval by the country's drug Regulatory Authority.

  • The Oxford AstraZeneca jab called Kobe Shield in India on co vaccine on indigenous vaccine developed by Parrot Biotech.

  • Yeah, But as the country takes a crucial step towards battling the pandemic, many concerns loom large.

  • There are questions being raised on Kovacs in getting approval from Indian authorities without its efficacy data in place as its faith.

  • Three trials are still underway.

  • Some experts say that this is a break from established protocol and could lead to an atmosphere off distrust among people.

  • However, there is no clear consensus on this issue In the medical community.

  • Doctor Virender Esfahan, a leading vaccine ologists, says the approval to go vaccine has been given, Relying on the data off immuno Jenness ity and safety.

  • He says such emergency government approvals are not uncommon in unusual circumstances.

  • Vaccines are given toe masses.

  • A masses have to accept the vaccine.

  • The only way to accept what you say, I say, is to communicate better and transparent communication, then communication in the middle and communication now should not be confusing to people.

  • Even though there are anxious voices regarding the emergency approval, many working in the health care sector are confident that vaccination is the right step to take.

  • This'll is a highly contagious disease s, so it was important for the vaccination to start.

  • Geeta is now almost through the mandatory 30 minute observation period.

  • Post vaccination, she says she has started feeling more secure against the coronavirus on is eagerly awaiting.

  • The second does well for more on India's vaccination drive.

  • I'm joined now by Malini Isola.

  • She's a public health professional and works with the All India Drug Action Network.

  • Thanks for being with us this morning, Mr Isola.

  • Now the vaccination campaign has been underway for a week.

  • What's your assessment of the rollout So far?

  • So I think we've been hearing reports off some hesitant city on the part of health care workers were supposed to be vaccinated in this first phase a zoo we just heard from your ground report.

  • One of the vaccines, which is part of biotechs go vaccine, was approved without the efficacy data because those are still being collected in the Phase three trial that is under way.

  • However, in granting the approval for this vaccine regulator had to impose certain safeguards on, but it comes with a variety of conditions.

  • So, for example, the use of the vaccine requires that informed consent is taken, that there is a close follow up and monitoring off the volunteers, post vaccination and also provisional medical management and compensation in case of any adverse events.

  • It does seem that perhaps also because health care workers are group that may have a higher level of medical literacy, it's possible that the absence off data on efficacy on the extra procedures that are being followed in this case might have caused some anxiety.

  • Okay, now, many Indians talking about anxiety many Indians are are dis have distrust about their government to help them, especially when it comes to public health matters.

  • How much of a role is disinformation?

  • Misinformation playing in this skepticism?

  • I think at the moment.

  • In the current scenario, the government is doing a lot to try to issue communication, to encourage healthcare workers to come and take the vaccine, however, that communication has had limitations.

  • So, for example, the government is not in a position to vote for the efficacy off, either off the vaccines so that serum institutes vaccine because off the regiment under which is being rolled out in India were not very clear on what efficacy estimates.

  • The approval was granted on, of course, part of biotechs vaccine.

  • So the focus is now shifted to saying that these vaccines are safe.

  • However, the procedures for investigating any sorts of adverse events following immunization are not laid out very clearly.

  • Andi, that could also be a cause off damaging public confidence in vaccines.

  • Okay, uh, can you say, Can you tell me what your prediction is for the goal of reaching 300 million vaccinations by the second half of the year.

  • Do you think that's realistic?

  • Briefly.

  • See, it's quite an ambitious plan that the government has embarked on and off course.

  • This has happened with a lot of preparation.

  • Uh, India has some experience in mass vaccination, given that we have a vast routine immunization excuse.

  • Is that a yes or no?

  • Just just wondering.

  • I think we I think we've just only started and we haven't yet run into a lot of trouble.

  • Except, of course, the fact off.

  • Lower up, take off the vaccines.

  • So it's still yet to be seen.

  • Girls Malini Isola of the All India Drug Action Network in Delhi.

  • Thank you very much.

five construction workers have been killed in a fire at a new covert 19 vaccine production facility in India.

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India's vaccination drive curbed by mistrust and concerns over homegrown vaccine | COVID Update

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