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  • my mom, my mom, my mom, my mom.

  • It was full of wonder.

  • Wonder what he discovered.

  • Elbows.

  • Hi.

  • Welcome to Elmo's World.

  • Oh, guess what Elmo is wondering about today.

  • Great for up.

  • Chop is drying.

  • Oh, that cow high made.

  • Okay, Me boy loves dry and wants to find out more about it.

  • Let's ask Elmo's friend Smarty, let's call her together.

  • Oh, smart.

  • Oh, I just got a new thing to draw with.

  • That's great, Smarty, because I don't have to learn.

  • What about dry?

  • Well, what do we do to learn something new?

  • We look way searching for drawing.

  • Here we go.

  • There are lots of different things you can draw it with.

  • Like Crans markers, pencils and chuck.

  • People draw things they see or that they imagine you can draw how you feel or just squiggle around and drawings air, fun toe.

  • Look at I love drying.

  • Looks like I'm going that way.

  • You're NATO boy, that's fun To dry up and look at drawings to that gives us an idea.

  • Let's play chained together.

  • Yeah, So equipment disappeared in this game and was going to try a picture.

  • See if you can guess what it.

  • Iss.

  • Are you ready?

  • Not just like almost trying a rectangle.

  • Is it a box?

  • This is it.

  • Hard of a train?

  • Nope, that's not a train.

  • Keep trying a rectangle with a triangle on one end.

  • Is it a crayon?

  • He's adding another triangle.

  • Is it a bowl?

  • Keep guessing he's adding a line.

  • Hey, it looks like a sale.

  • Oh, it's a boat!

  • Whoa!

  • That's right.

  • I want true, I say about great job, boy.

  • Dry is lots of fun on that makes Elma Wonder even more.

  • Does Mr Newdow like to draw?

  • Let's ask him.

  • A nudist poto Shamoto house moved out.

  • There's Shimoda, like to dry shell us.

  • Draw something.

  • Yes.

  • Raw Something for us.

  • Yeah.

  • Stop dry.

  • No, he's playing music.

  • That's a ukulele Shoot, madam, we'll give you a hint to dry.

  • You need paper?

  • Uh, oops.

  • That's not drawing.

  • That's playing cards.

  • To draw something, you need a crayon and paper.

  • Try again, SMU DL.

  • What's Shamoto going to draw?

  • It's Elmo, she models drawing Elmo Grafica.

  • That's a great training of Elmo.

  • Bye bye boy, learning new things Mix Elmo So happy makes them want to dance.

  • Come on, Happy, happy!

  • That's happy.

  • Happy can't way.

my mom, my mom, my mom, my mom.

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Sesame Street: Drawing | Elmo's World

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/22
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